Music videos with aircraft

Hey guys!

I thought I’ll create a thread for music videos containing aircraft.
My first two are by Oasis. I like them very much (I think I mentioned it before).
Fun fact: IMO some Oasis songs would make great DCSW video soundtracks. Too bad I can’t record videos on my PC, I have the scripts for at least two videos in my head already.

A music video on a roof, planes on final directly over their heads. Cool.

And here’s the second one, “D’you know what I mean”. Seems they like helicopters. :slight_smile:

Comment and share your own ones! :slight_smile:

First one that came to mind;

And I am pretty sure we can also do the Kenny Logins thing?

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Ok so its not a official music video but it should have been lol


Ok here is the obvious one :slight_smile:

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Redheads, not warheads.

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Strange, I never heard that song before.
Thanks for posting!
(even though the video doesn’t contain planes. But you get bonus points for the SONG being about flying!)

…I might learn to sing and play that song on the guitar…

Thanks @Aginor. Looks like double drop D, which is an easy tuning. I’d like to learn it too, but would have to fake the vocals :). This guy’s lesson is pretty easy.

A version with some bush flying…

The main thing holding me back at the moment is that damn drop D tuning. I hate to tune my guitar differently just for one song.

Singing might just work although I admit those high notes in the song may be a bit over my range. (bass-baritone voice. I feel comfortable with Johnny Cash songs for example)

I’m always very easy when the Tomcat is mentioned but I’ve found this video truly beautiful.

This one too is awesome- even if I doubt the authenticity of some parts…

OK a blatant plug…but there is some FSX low level work starting around 1:34 - Enjoy.