Must the F16 pilot DIE?

Has anyone come up with a fix to the not being able to eject from the F16 once hit by anything other than guns?

Every time Im hit with any missle, Im immediatly blown out of the cockpit ( not died in action) Like Im watching a reply. Just sitting out in the sky watching my plane, wings blown off, full afterburner burning, fall from the sky all the way to explosion. I cant get back into the cockpit, I cant eject, I cant do squat. It is every single time, same thing.

PLEASE tell me someone knows how to fix this.

I believe that normally this is actually what happens when the pilot is KIA. Can you check the damage report after the mission is over if it says the pilot died, just to be sure?

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I have . No it doesnt say dead until after crash

Both the F-16 and F/A-18 suffer from this issue; damage of any kind/source is usually instantly fatal to the pilot. What you’re describing is the “pilot killed” mechanism, and if the damage log/summary isn’t reporting killed until ground impact I would suspect there’s a bug there.

Until the damage models are refined, limping a damaged jet home or surviving to eject are mostly off the table.

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