Muting a Category or Subcategory?

Is there anyway to mute an entire subcategory?

…and as a follow up question, is there anyway to keep threads organized in subcategories?

There are certain categories and subcategories that I am no longer interested in. I have found that one can Mute a Thread, and that has been very helpful. Yet threads pop up very often which deal with other stuff…which then need to be opened, scrolled to the bottom and then muted. OK, that takes like 30 seconds…but on average I Mute about 5 or 6 new thread a day. Most of them are in the general Flight Sims category even though they only pertain to a single sim…i.e. DCS, MSFS, XP, etc.

So if one could just mute a subcategory…and we all really tried to post within relevant subcategories (myself included; I’m sure I am guilty as any)…then it would be easier to review the new posts we are most interested in…making the site more enjoyable, etc.

Just a thought. If it is not possible, then no worries. Just wanted to ask.


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In your User Preferences, there is a Notifications → Categories section where you can add categories to mute. Is that what you mean?


I am thinking it may be perhaps due time to split out the Flight Sims Category into the say DCS, MSFS & other major players’ own categories with subcategories for things like the DCS modules as an example. There could also be one “Other Flight Sims” category for the less-major players.

If you waned to tidy up further, you could split up Screen & AARs into those flight sim’s own primary categories from thereon, which would make it a bit easier to have screenshot threads tailored to specific events, missions etc rather than a ongoing master that gets to be a monster to scroll through.

Just some thoughts!


Sounds like a good idea. We will brainstorm it and see what we can come up with.

I’ll look…don’t know how I missed that. Thanks!

Actually I hadn’t missed that. I just hadn’t seen the new MSFS subcategory added and therefore hadn’t muted it yet…it is now. So, I withdraw my first question.

The second is still germane. I would think that having many more threads listed under a subcategory is more helpful. For example, there are at least 2 x DCS ME Editing Threads, both user the Flight Sims General category. I can’t mute the Flight Sims category because I read those threads…

I think Wes’s idea has much merit. That said, can it be made “retroactive”? i.e. can threads that are obviously DCS, XP, MSFS, etc, but were listed under the general Flight Sims category when created, be wrangled into the correct category going forward?

Another option is to use the bell on the right. Go to a category (or sub-category) and click on the bell and set it to ‘Mute’. That should work as well.

As I said above. That doesn’t work when just about everything dealing with any Flight Sim is stuffed inn the general Flight Sim category.

Trust me, I’ve muted every category that doesn’t deal specifically with the Flight Sim I am interested in…but when so much is not organized for a specific flight sim and when many of those threads contain valuable info…some of it years old…it becomes a tiresome effort to find what you are looking for…even with the search engine.

Yep. We’ve grown beyond the ability to classify items in an easy way. It will take some work to get it more organized. Probably a winter project.