My 1080TI only @ PCIe 2.0...

I just got a 1080TI, and when I installed ASUS GPU Tweak2 software, I noticed it was listed as PCIe 2.0, even if both the GPU and PCIe slot is 3.0.

A quick google told me it was because I had OCd my CPU BLCK frequency above 100. Sure enough, reducing the BLCK from 102 to 100 fixed the PCIe problem, and the GPU was now listed as 3.0.

This made my OCd i7 4790k drop from 4.6 to 4.5.

Could anybody educate me in why OCing the BLCK screws with the PCIe speed?
Is this really a problem? Am I better off keeping the 102 BLCK instead of getting 3.0 on the PCIe bus?

What CPU are you overclocking? and how are you doing it? Via BIOS or software ?

I just checked mine with the GPU-z render test. It started up saying it was running PCI 1.1 x16. Running the test made it revert to 3.0 x16. Bizarre :roll_eyes:

Here we go again, yet another thread where I can doubt if my understanding of English is as good as I think it is :slight_smile:


Pssst! It’s right there in the post, @Cib :wink:
i74790k. I just used the BIOS Auto OC feature, and it gave me an increase from 4.0 to 4.6.

I write in Nerd… :wink:

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OOOPs, I should drink my first coffee of the morning before answering posts :wink:
Can you achieve the 4.6 clock with just a multiplier ? and probably more importantly can you tell the difference ingame. I imagine DCS will be the most demanding thing you will run. I can’t tell the difference between 4.9 and 5.2 I get a 99% GPU load with either and no increase in FPS TBH I have not tried DCS at stock yet
Anyway I am settled on a 5Ghz clock using just a multiplier (Just to tempt your next upgrade) :slight_smile:

What board are you using ? I will do a little research

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ASUS Gryphon Z97 Armor Edition
4x8 sticks of Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 1866MHz

Ok 4.8 should be attainable but your going to have to do it through the BIOS. Software will work up to a point but it won’t AFAIK change the LLC just voltage and multiplier/ clock freq. The UEFI looks to be the same format as the latest Z370 ones.
Set a day aside to tinker and I will help if I can. Teamspeak or Team Viewer etc :slight_smile:

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I just installed this and checked my 1070, says PCI Express x16 3.0 @ x8 1.1
Should it be at x16 on most modern motherboards? Is that one of those things that don’t really matter?

Seems like the difference might not matter in the case of PCIE 3.0

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Just spent couple hours tracing this down. Use GPU-Z, hit the question mark next to bus interface and then click “Start Render Test”.

You need to make sure the card is under load with that render test to get at true reading, The Asus GPU tweak tool doesn’t do this. I finally got mine to go to 16x by making sure there was nothing else in the #2 pcie slot (Asus Z-97-E). Even a sound card in there manually set to PCIE 1.0 wouldn’t let pcie #1 go to 3.0 at 16x.

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