My 2nd VR cockpit Build F18C Hornet DCS (work in progress)

Finally my side console aesthetics and construction is done. Electronic is not yet done, Still long time to go… front panel not yet done, ejection seat, side walls, and others

Joystick and rudder are thrustmaster. With the stick using the new F18C one.

For detail build will post later… it takes around 300 work hours every weekend as Im still working full time already 5 months past.

Hopefully by christmas I could finish front panel

video of the side panel


Those are some pretty panels you won’t see in VR :vr:

Great crafting.


Thanks. Initially just wamt a bare and simple cockpit. But why not make it aestheticaaly pleasing to see. Its the fun in the process which make a different from ground up design in sketchup and corel with 3d print and laser cut…


Troll like!!

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