My DCS F-14B dumb questions thread

Diving in to the module for a project, so I’ll be full of dumb questions.

First question - I’ve been searching for an hour - someone created a user guide similar to Chuck’s format for the F-14 - does anyone have a link for that? I swear I saved it, but now I can’t find it.

Observation - man this module is fun. I flew the first four or five tutorial missions again this morning and it is incredibly well done. I could do cats and traps all day long in this thing.


Totally! It’s great fun.

As for the rest of your dumb questions, I’m even dumber than you, so…

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Haha…you’re no help!

I’m also looking for some guidance - is there a latest and greatest version of that LSO mod that I should be using to grade landings?

I think the guides are nearly all videos. For written, there are a few interesting things about the RIO side here:



That really is a well done guide. Thanks for sharing this.

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Awesome! That’s the one. Can’t believe I spent hours looking for it on Hoggit when it was on the DCS forums all along… doh!

Land based takeoff - full flaps and slats or some intermediate setting? Going to do some tests on takeoff ground roll and single engine climb performance with different settings, but wondered what the official configuration is?

Full flaps if my memory serves me right.

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Both down.



You should try refuelling in that beast! A true challenge if I ever failed to meet one :smiley:


Challenge accepted! I mean…in VR it should be pretty easy. Can anything be harder than that darn Harrier?

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uh… yeah. yes it can. uhuh. yup. do get someone to make a gif of it :smiley:


Ready to record! :movie_camera:


Personal take is still the Harrier is far worse to initially connect, but once you do it doesn’t take long to fill up to capacity (unless you’re chronically ignoring your bingo warnings). F-14 is easier to initially connect, but you have to hold a steady hand for longer.

In my case I can easily connect and stay in position in Harrier. In Tomcat I have trouble in both cases. I might need more practice probably. Just don’t try refueling with wing sweep set to AUTO. It will throw you off big time if you within “sweepable” airspeed range during the operation. Constant speed changes (even small ones) will invoke wing sweep alterations which will influence drag and lift of your jet making it even harder to tame.

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This is something that I still don’t get. I leave mine in auto and never have any problems.

Practice makes perfect, you most likely trained a lot or you are just really good with that cat :wink:

I like to think it’s all the time in the Harrier! After that, refueling in anything else is a cakewalk!

Then I’m the exception of that rule I guess. Can do Harrier, can’t do Tomcat :sob: