My first Steel Beasts controller "How To"

I have just posted my first Steel Beasts Pro PE tutorial over at the Steelbeasts forum.

“Using multiple controllers with Steel Beasts Pro PE”

SB Pro PE only reacts to the systems preferred controller, so I show how to use vJoy, UCR and JoyToKey use more controllers.

A UCR Plugin not mentioned in the tut is the Incremental Axis.

It can be used as a Helo Collective Axis with a self centering Axis like the ones on a CH FlightStick Pro.

I thought this is the appropriate place as it is useful for other games, sims and even Office programs and so forth as well.

Major reason for me being not so active.


Hey @DanTDBV. That is a great write up! Thanks for linking it!


Thank you Fridge.

I have just updated it for Steel Beasts Pro PE version 4.162 and UCR 0.9.0.