My flight sim desktop renovation

Started work on making my current PC gaming/simming Desk more … how shall I say it? more ergonomically easier to use.

I have a fair spine disability (ankylosing spondylitis) and already invested in a good Herman Miller Aeron chair and I cant stress how important a good chair is if you have to spend lots of time sitting down, these chairs are built to last and are rated for 24/7 use at ATC centres and I cant argue with that qualification, extremely comfortable and adjustable, very good investment IMHO.

The desk itself is a sort of double corner unit (will post more pics soon) that will be home to two Gaming/Sim PC’s and lots of Flight sim/driving sim and even Train sim controller peripherals that I hope can be swapped out easily and without fuss as my sim moods take me, The desk I’ve actually settled on and need to cut and modify is actually something I bought on Ebay last year from a UK call Centre sale. honestly if you can find a desk like that to fit you, grab them while they are cheap, because normally they are a mile ahead of the normal DIY store stuff in quality and have such things as underneath cable management built in … I’m going to have to lose at least 100mm from the front edge though for what I plan.

My work so far, have built in my Saitek TPM unit to side pedestal and the Trim wheel will go right beside the throttle as it belongs for ease of use, the lock … because its still a handy drawer is temporary and I’ll be building in lighting for the switches too for my night flights.

So that’s the right side console more or less sorted, just the cosmetics for there now, its got a USB hub built in already for the lighting.

Moving on to the main desk itself, for military flight sim use I cant beat the Thrustmaster Warthog combo and again this pic is temporary, but I bought one of those Warthog stick extensions, the extra throw makes a lot of difference in sims like CLOD and ROF and even helicopter flying in FSX … I’ve already built a solid mount underneath my desk ready to be fitted once I decide how much (100mm) to cut that will sit between my legs as in a WW2 fighter or even an F-15 for example, this will be quickly removable and I should be able to put my Yoke or wheel in place quickly and easily as my Sim moods dictate …

Its all a work in progress and I’ll update the thread as I manage, this is not a realistic replica home cockpit, just generic jump in and fly stuff for convenience, a “have fun home cockpit” idea :smile:

Am open to ideas and feedback though.



Looks nice! Would love to see more pictures - your monitor setup, etc.

I’ve never been really happy with my sim desktop configuration, but I’m not clever enough to come up with my own ideas - I want to stealborrow others’.