My greatest piece of Flight Sim Gear

Wow, “Ghost Rider”? I like that LOL! I know you “DID NOT THROW the casters” but I think you SHOULD DEFINITELY THROW OUT YOUR CASTERS! :smiley: What’s up with throwing down a simple office mat in Qatar?

As for office chairs, they’re a dime a dozen. I’ve tried gaming chairs at the computer store and they felt quite stiff and stupid. I found my current chair in a trash bin a few years ago … really nice lumbar support and nice adjustable armrests! :slight_smile:

In Qatar and my apartment sucks. So small. I would kill for a two bedroom or an office. A matt would not fit.
I had 3 office chairs and they all deterorated rather quickly. They had my back and butt in pain. My Embody is now 14 and still feels great.
The wheels worked out.