My greatest piece of Flight Sim Gear

Here it is. My darling, my sweetheart. She was a bit dirty after all these years of service. She is still as comfortable as when i bought her in '08. But years later i went looking for a replacement because it was getting dirty. I paid 400 USD in 2008. So when i went looking to replace her, sticker price slepped me across the face. So there i was cleaning and brushing and shinning my old chair. She looks as good as new. I cant tell you how good it is. I had four office chairs before and none held up. Yet in 14 years this old girl has just kept going. I had a problem with the arm but found a solution on YT. With zero money, 30 minutes later it was fixed.
I present to you the Sim Throne.


Is that Neo’s chair? How’d you get a picture of it in the Matrix? Looks like he and Trinity are about to ask for guns. Lots of guns.
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Is that body white-painted metal or something else? If it’s metal, I can understand how it’s lasted…and it must be HEAVY.

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I know, i know… not my chair. Ill post a real pic.
The white is plastic. Its fairly easy to clean even if its a scratch magnet. Most of my cleaning was on that.

That picture certainly doesn’t make it look plastic. I would expect for $400 for it to last a good bit, though. I’ve never paid more than $200 for a chair I think, but since 2008 I’ve probably gone through at least 3.
So you’ve actually paid less long-term.

I got tired of buying 100 dollar chairs that lasted a year or 2. After 4 of them i bought this… 14 years ago. There is a gaming chair version now…Herman Miller Logitech Gaming. Looks kool
Here is my old gal


I’m glad you replaced the casters with these things! :slight_smile:

I hate rolling around on an office chair without them.


I like having wheels, but I bought a set with brake levers…I only need to lock a couple of wheels and my chair stays right where it’s at.

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Great minds think alike :upside_down_face:
I have wheels w brakes in my Amazon cart RIGHT NOW. I am tired of the awful screetch everytime i get up. Never fails, i sit down, scoot up to my joystick, rest my feet on the pedals… “DAMN! I left my drink in the kitchen!”
Wheels w brakes is the way to go.

Herman Miller Logitech Gaming? Yeah, $400 is reasonable. Almost $2k isn’t…

Fo Sho! I think 1700 is the best ive seen.

Wow 1795 and 399 shipping :grimacing:

Herman Miller Logitech Gaming - Google Search

If i send you my shoe size…will you send ME a Herman Miller Logitech Gaming CHAIR ?? :slight_smile:
i am but a mere Mortal…this is My current gamming chair :frowning: :sob:

Luxury! Back in my day we didn’t even have a bird’s nest in our chairs, had to sit right on the springs!

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Too Funny!! Welcome back. Never Stop playing!

New wheels. I can reach down and lock em.

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Wow, roller blade wheels now LOL! Report back how fast you can get that chair rolling ha ha!

I prefer my “stumps” since I never really want my chair to move but I can still move it easily enough without having to reach down and fiddle with five wheel brakes. :wink:

That “Stump” has been my solution for years and i love them things. But two things made me buy the wheels. Im on a third floor and my neighbor is probably sick of the loud screeching sound my chair makes when im sliding into position. Second, once i slide in i am trapped until i push out with another loud “Sreetch!” This is especially annying when i get comfy then realize i left my phone or something else i need.
Last night i tried the wheels. I put the break wheels together and rotated them to the front. Not a succes at all. When i rotate them to the back i found it easier. I can lean back to put on/take off my brakes. Im not trapped, no noise and getting in and out is much easier. PLUS THEY ARE BLUE!!! :upside_down_face:

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Nice. When I used to use casters like 20 years ago, I would roll around on the carpet that I had in my office. Ended up making a mess of the carpet so I would put one of those plastic office chair mats down. Didn’t really like that either so when I had access to free glass, I laid a pane of ¾ inch tempered glass down with some of that rubber backed thin office carpet on top. LOVE IT. Solid platform. I can slide the chair around with the stumps quite easily but I usually just keep the chair in one spot and simply rotate it sideways to get up. The glass/thin carpet gives me about an inch boost in chair height too which is good because I have a very large desk. Wow, that was boring spiel LOL! :wink:


That is an excellent idea, thank you.

Negative, Ghost Rider! That is info I can use. I like my wheels, but guess what? I DID NOT THROW the casters. Carpet in Qatar is not happening but it will if I move back Stateside. So thanks for that tidbit of information.