My new home

Well, here I am guys.
I just completed my emotional “move” from over there, to here.

It looks certainly cozy and nice.
I see a bunch of cool features and friendly faces.

Hope I will not bother too much anyone. :slight_smile:
Take care and see you soon…

looks around

Oh, here it is the AAR section! :smiley:


Also- I got moved to a new workplace because … reasons. Personal ones…

I do not fly (simulated) Typhoons anymore.
But I got meself a two seat, two engines, veteran beast now. Anyone care to guess?

If you guess right I’ll put up pics of the new “Office”. :wink:

Panavia Tornado?

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Nice! And welcome aboard- I’m looking forward to your unique brand of humor in posts here from now on.

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Welcome @komemiute - good to have you here!

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Hey, kome!

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Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:
Unfortunately being caught between two realities means I’m still without a fixed home and therefore internet (now I’m between my limited phone and the one at work).

I’d love to participate in the Fly-in but I’m afraid I’ll be missing this one.
By end of May I should be up and running again.

In the meanwhile I’ll be lurking!
Take care everyone!

PS: As a plus I’m learning the fly the Tornado- and without an FCS (no fly by wire) OMG what a difference to the Eurofighter!

Still landed full weight, first try, without issues. :sunglasses:
Got to love the wings and thrust inverters. :smiley:

And another guy to blame for stuff in the back. :wink:


Welcome to sanity mate, glad you made the move.



Now we’ll just need to work out wich airforce it belongs to :stuck_out_tongue: Could be RAF, Luftwaffe, Italian or Saudi I think. At any rate, welcome aboard!

Someday soon both your old and new office should be simulated in DCS. The guys at VEAO have been working on a typhoon. And they let slip they knew someone, in deep secrecy, is working on a tornado. Hoping we can hear your expert opinion on it!

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While I’m no real Eurofighter pilot I can say I know its inside out pretty well.
I can do some nice stuff on it.
I have no less than 300 hours logged in the simulator.

Learning the ropes of the Tonka too (name of the Tornado around the world).
To be honest I see myself more as a sort of bomber pilot- in games.
I don’t have the mental skill to be a fighter. :wink:
I like my targets still or REALLY slow. :smile:

Gimme a Tonka or an Intruder and I’ll be fine for years.
Well, I’d need a GIB too so… volunteers?

I think it’s better to remove the pic of the office.
Somehow it doesn’t seem too much right.

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