My, new, newER ride... lol

So, remember that used Harley Davidson I bought from a friend 2 months ago? Is a great bike, but not truly what I wanted for my big retirement gift, so used it to learn on. Sold it yesterday for 2k more then I paid, used all that for a big down payment on my new 2017 Ultra Glide I wanted… and without further due, my new ride…


That will chop very nicely indeed, leave you with something like this

And you can probably sell the fitted wardrobes on ebay :smiling_imp:

Just kidding, it looks perfect for long runs and camping trips. Bet its a pig to keep that chrome shiny though :smiley:


He’s retired (and apparently flipping bikes for 2-grand a pop)…he has the time! :laughing:


I’m pretty sure that thing weighs more, and has a more powerful engine than my old Honda CRX…

This looks massive and also very suitable for two up riding. I bet your better half likes the throne :slight_smile:

Actually… good thing we had sex Sunday night… we discussed this, but I went ahead and did it out of the blue, so she hasn’t rode it yet, wasn’t in favor of a new bike, saw nothing wrong with the 2013…oh well, I’m good for a week or 2, she’ll be over it by then. :wink:


And here is sit flipping through pages of cheap 20 year old motorcycles :smile:, now I know my error, I should retire!

Nice bike, looks like a beast, how does it drive?

Very nice!

Pretty impressed with my local HD dealer, how a business should be ran… not only did I get a pretty good deal, discounts for military AND police service, invites to local bike parties and poker runs… but unexpectantly got this yesterday in the mail, long after the deal was done, didn’t have to do this, already bought the bike… but a poster of my bike, a calendar, and 12 post cards of my bike… along with the download link/ Ya I know Harley gear is over priced, but a US company treating customers like this is a nice and proper change. imo


Harleys are expensive abroad but surely they are slightly more affordable in the USA? Been looking for a bike myself and the offerings of Harley Davidson are rather limited here.

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