My new Toy!

Some may have seen this in the ”Where you are 2019” thread in the Screens & AARs section, but I thought that it is appropriate here.


An early Danish Army Leopard 1A5 Gunner trainer/simulator. It has been set up with a PC running Steel Beasts Pro PE, with a screen at the Gunner’s station, and using the real existing Leopard 1A5 Gunner Grip as the controller.

I wish that it was mine, but it is a part of the collection of The Guard Hussar Regiment Veteran Armor and Vehicles Union

Pretty much everything except the gunner grip and seat has been stripped out. The screen sits where the sights where. It is very bare and it is only the palmswitches, Lase, Dynamic Lead and Fire buttons on the grip that are used. The keyboard controlling the PC is behind where the TC seat would be. The palmswitches are safety devices and one of them must be pressed in, for the system to accept any action with the grip.

It does nicely accommodate kids from 4 to 125. For the younger kids I disable the palmswitches, as it is impossible or very uncomfortable, for them to reach the other switches.

What for:

It is now used for letting kids of all ages, including me, trying out aspects of the Leopard 1A5, at open houses and other events. It has become my enjoyable job to handle this.

It does give some Ahhh Cool factor, that real Tanker’s have sat and used the very grip I can now play around with.

Whats to come:

I am currently working on some controller layout and instruction pictures and intend to create a history plaque for it also.

I am considering making a switch/button box, that makes it possible to use the thermal sight and magnification, but since I limit a stint when there is a line to 4 to 5 kills, it may not be necessary. On the other hand when there are no guests, I can sit down and play around to. I do have access to 4 other Leopard 1A5’s, so I will be doing something for my home setup.


At The Guard Hussar Regiment Veteran Armor and Vehicles Union in the Peace Forrest (Fredsskoven) facility near Næstved in Denmark.

I also have Steel Beast Pro PE installed at home.

Have a nice weekend.


How cool is that!


I just have to come try it out, next time I’m down there.
(Wife is half danish, so we spend about every other summer there)