My newest bird in the hangar - the elegant L-39C Albatros

I just couldn’t resist and picked it up on Saturday. It looks beautiful, it flies beautiful and I don’t have a jet trainer yet. The no EFM part always stopped me from getting either the C-101 or the Hawk. The fact that you can already take a joyride in the back seat pushed me over the edge (zing!). I just need to find someone who has it AND can steer it on the ground. There was a hilarious moment where we didn’t make a turn that was being recorded (I think). I will add the video if he uploads it.

As it is tradition in our little virtual squadron I took it up for the first time ever in multiplayer after setting up the controls and printing out a checklist (Lino’s excellent amplified Checklist can be found here: L-39 Albatros Amplified Normal Checklists (Startup with explanatory descriptions) )

Rocking the Black Diamond Jet Team skin:
Lined up:

So beautiful:

Found myself a Focke Wulf to hang on to:

And here’s an A-10C


Those are gorgeous shots. I love that Black Diamond livery… Beautiful…

Indeed. It’s a fun little Jet. Light, nimble, beautiful lines.

Some more, different time of day:

The “GoPro perspective”^^


Wow! Gorgeous!

raises hand

I have it and have managed to steer it on the ground without running into the grass! Took me a while to figure out the parking brake though.

Really love shot #2 of batch no. 2.

He didn’t upload the failed attempt at taxiing out of the hangar (I’'ll ask him about that next time) but here is a video of him riding along with me. I almost botched the landing but it wasn’t too bad for a third or fourth attempt. I had a bit of trouble adjusting to the slow throttle response. It’s almost as bad as the MiG-15 (well, not quite). Video is in German. We’re just talking about the L-39 and the 1.5 Update in general.

Edit: I assume most of you are based in the States so finding time during the week might be difficult but if anyone wants to fly a bit L-39 COOP: I’m usually online in the evening hours CEST/CET but Friday and Saturday I’m flexible: Steam Community :: Derbysieger