My take on the Viggen Harbour Strike

The 2 attack missions for the Viggen on the Normandy map are my favourites and as the Viggen is plane of the month I thought I might do an AAR on it

The inflight Briefing fairly straightforward. The good thing about this bombing mission is all you need to do to prepare is take the safety latch off, mine is bound to the first stage of my warthog trigger.

Its all nice and peaceful until a flock of viggens shatters the silence.
The first flight deliver their payload as we approach the opposite side of the dock

Bombs away

Some hits scored its burners on and egress

A short hop across the channel with my deaf mute wingman :rage: I cannot contact any wingman in these instant action missions. Doh

Contacting Ford AB and line up for landing

Wheels down, air-brake out and thrust reverser set

A puff of rubber and we are down. I discovered how squirrely the rudder/NWS is trying to land on roads and I added a curve of 30 and a deadzone of 4. Made a huge difference to takeoff, landing and taxiing

A couple from the VR POV

Satisfaction of a job well done.
All of the instant action missions are enjoyable but for simplicity and visual preferences I do enjoy the Normandy ones
Cheers for reading/looking :smiley:


Yeah… Seems like they never quite solved the dampening from the SPAK autopilot mode. It is very sensitive in real life, I’m told, but not like this. I too have a curve on my rudder.
SAAB lost a prototype due to this, actually. The button underneath the safety catch is a NWS limiter button, but its function was removed after a complete redesign of the yaw control system.


Hmmm…must get the Normand map - looks great with the Viggen’s.

For @Troll, what’s up with the bright paisley looking patches on the thighs of the pilot’s flight suit? Some type of Swedish tradition? :wink:


Left knee was usually a 1:1mill. map and the right thigh held useful mission info like frequencies and other details. But they’re not back-lit, like it looks like in DCS :wink:

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Gods, I just wish the DCS World would react in this way when a plane flying transonic or supersonic… Wouldn’t it be great?




Matt Wagner, Sir.
Look, SEVEN people liked my suggestion of making the DCS World react in a realistic way to transonic/supersonic planes.
It’s obvious everyone wants it.
Please, can we have it?

(this is just a Joke post :stuck_out_tongue: )


I’m not joking. This is really high up on my wishlist now you’ve brought it to my attention lol


Dunno, I’m not sure it would work, really.
A four ship is enough to put any GPU on its knees…

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Make it a script. Or just let me do it. I’m easy :crazy_face:

While it would be pretty cool, the number of times that one would really use it?? Plus its more than one variable - altitude and supersonic speed…which technically changes with temperature and barometric pressure… so more "If-Then boolean logic to work out. The helos do a downwash thing if you fly them low enough but that’s only one variable - altitude.

There’s the physical engine in charge to decide when to make them, just as it takes care of wingtip vortexes and the wing vapors… so, most of the work is there.
But I say it again, not really important plus framerate killer.


Why have more frames, if there is nothing to see?!


I think more ordnance was needed :rofl:

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