My teething problems with Harrier basic operation

Gents, I just got the module and am reeling a bit. Can anyone please help me with the following:

– Why are there no takeoff training missions included with the others which come with the module?

– My wheelbrakes do not work (TM pedals) in spite of the fact that the toe-brake animation works in the virtual rudder pedals and the hydraulic pressure indicator responds as well.

All assistance much appreciated.

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Can’t say about the no takeoff training missions, guessing they just haven’t done them yet. If doing standard short takeoff, then my process is to put flaps to STOL position (this is important), nozzles should be at 30 degrees, combat power switch on, H2O switch to takeoff (only if in warm weather, don’t use in winter), then max out throttle and depending on load, gradually push nozzles back to 60-70 degrees. Gain altitude, gear up, reduce throttle, combat power off, H2O off, gain speed by pushing nozzles back to 30 degrees, flaps to cruise at 200kts, nozzles to 0.

Are you having trouble just getting the brakes to work or throttling up? There’s a parking brake lever behind the throttle that you have to push forward to be able to throttle up. Harrier also only has central brakes, no differential as I understand it. The brakes also aren’t very strong.

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I’m guessing there is not take off training because they just updated the NRAS page (today’s patch notes) which is vital to a good takeoff. It computes at what speed you should rotate the nozzles down. I would hit the manual up for more info on that, or google Harrier NRAS to see how the real deal works. The Harrier has some take off quirks that may or may not be modeled. For example, I believe you should add some nose down trim to close the RCS on the nose and prevent it from fodding the engine. Good luck and have fun! Harrier is one of my favorite DCS modules.

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Be sure that the Anti-skid switch is in NWS.

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Regarding your brakes, be sure your commands are not inverted improperly. In other words, sometimes the controls set-up will have the brakes applied when you are not touching your pedals and when you touch your pedals they release brakes. You need to reverse that in the controls set-up. If this is what is happening to you of course but I would guess it as such.

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Many thanks, guys, the toe-pedal axes needed to be inverted. Odd, but worked like a dream.

As for the different takeoff modes, I will rely on good online tutorial videos and/or checklists in the absence of in-module voice-over tutorial missions…

Now back to Chuck’s Guide and lots of other reading matter…


Just to clarify, spend some time in the VREST screen, has tons of info for taking off.


Interesting. RAZBAM’s Harrier II for FSX had some pretty good pages in the manual for 3 kinds of take off VERT, STOL and Normal. No tutorial missions but the manual was pretty clear.

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The tutes are WiP (Work in Progress).

Download them you must, in the proper folder you dump. Fly them you will, yeeesss


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