My time with CMANO

Well, what can I say… I’ve been drooling after CMANO since the creators (WarfareSims) ran a competition to name it!
The game, actually a proper War Gaming Simulator with (W,G, and capital S), is immense, deep, somewhat hard on the eyes but a definitive experience.

It is pricey at over 70€ on any normal day, but to be fair, it’s totally, totally worth it.
Now… knowing myself, my fear of commitment and my many many interests I couldn’t bear myself to buy CMANO as it is (despite being totally WORTH IT) and that’s when WarfareSims competence kicks in:
they release every few month a stand alone expansion that achieve two main goals.

1- defines smaller (but still zealously detailed) scenarios, focusing on a specific experience (plus some free candy in the shape of What-If scenarios)

2- allow users with a history of non-commitment (me) to have proper fun with CMANO powerful engine at a reduced price tag.

What’s not to love?! :heart_eyes:

The best part of all of this is the complete tutorials!
Just started the first one.

(Learning how to select, choose, and command a single aircraft: the granularity and control of this game is nothing short of breathtaking!)

Let’s see if I manage to squeeze a couple more before going to bed. :drooling_face:


Some more training.

It might look confusing but whoever wrote the Training Scenarios must be a God or something because even I managed to do everything with clarity and no sweat.

Another victory*!

*Well, there were just my forces in play so… probably even my pot of plastic petunias could have won but still… baby steps.

A sample of the training scenarios plus the next one I’ll be taking!

Oooh, it looks like I got complete authority over the mission. :smiley:

In few lessons I’m now able to read a tactical situation, understand the mission requirements, read my assets and employ them both in active and support missions!

Another great thing about the Tutorials is that they help you understanding what’s happening on the screen by adding things little by little.

A screen like this, before, would have puzzled me- now it’s all clear!

(Yes, I’m overly enthusiastic)

Talking about control over your units behaviour…
For each weapon system you can select the Release Authorization against every type of unit! Spectacular!

In a stroke of genius, every time you select a group of entities you can modify their Weapon Release Authorisation not to mess with the rest of the armed forces.
Again- brilliant.

Beside that the default options are smart enough so you don’t really need to go and define each and every one every time you play.

Did I already say I love this game?

Another victory!

Next one will have enemies that fight back… gulp Let’s hope for the best! :sweat_smile:


It really is a great sim. Just wait till you start coordinating multiple strikes for ToT using a bunch of weapon systems you didn’t even know existed until you started the scenario.

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I’m not buying until it supports VR!

(Just kidding)


I’m carefully dipping my toes into this one…it’s intimidating for sure…


My pilots got a bit eager, unsure what happened there… :open_mouth:


I think I like the naval stuff a little better for learning the interface. Stuff happens quickly up in the air.


I’m waiting for one of your F-15Cs to shoot down one of your Kerbins with an ASAT missile… :rofl::rofl:

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@BeachAV8R Hahaha, I’m pretty sure some youtuber has done that already xD

Edit: who else if not Scott Manley!

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