My VR-Pit - that is not really a Pit

For decades I have worked and struggled with creating a semi-decent sim “cockpit”. Mostly this has entailed various computer desks and office chairs along with the usual spread of flight control peripherals - joystick / throttle, yoke, throttle quad, and rudder pedals.

I like sim-flying everything from small GA, through heavy-metal COMAIR to MILAIR from various era…and helicopters. My goal was to create a “sim-area” where I could swap out controls and make minor adjustments to the desk and chair in order to efficiently switch to what ever configuration I needed for the aircraft I wanted to fly.

A challenging goal and one that I never really achieved…until now.

The desk is a very simple IKEA model. The rack holding my PC is a simple steel shelving unit I got a Lowes/Homedepot - it allows all around airflow for cooling. The seat came from a commercial aircraft; purchased on eBay (so if one of you RL pilots find your seat missing someday…sorry?).

I got a heavy duty rubber mat from Lowes that I place the seat and “stands” for the stick/throttle flight controls. Height was important. For the throttle “table” that is 13". For the stick, 14.5" works well - and is the height of a Lowes all-purpose bucket (turned upside down). When I need a bit higher, I can stack two buckets (one inside the other) for a couple more inches. Sitting on the mat, they provide a sturdy base.

The rudder pedals are attached to the floor. The seat can be moved (lifted and reset) but I haver found it much easier to slide the desk to achieve a correct distance (mainly the using yoke controls). When not in use, the control peripherals are stored in nearby shelves…finally have them all in once place.

This is all possible because I have switched to VR. I still have the Cougar MFDs but only for actions that aren’t really HOTAS / throttle quad buttons type functions.

Essentially, once I “climb into the cockpit” in VR, I rarely touch the keyboard. Everything is either HOTAS/Throttle quad controls, MFD buttons or VR controllers. It makes things very simple.


I’m seeing that [shelf] and wondering what a MudSpike neighborhood yard sale would look like.

The crime scene tape is a nice touch.


I love the ghetto joystick mount. Its far lazier than my old sewer pipe pedestal. Buckets of kudos for your buckets lol.


LOL…yeah that was an interesting challenge. I have a powered hub for the HOTAS and MFDs. Originally it was placed next to the computer. However, the USB cords from the left side (throttle and an MFD) were barely long enough - kept getting e tangled with the VR cord and my legs. I tried moving the USB Hub to the right side of the seat but its power cord presented a similar problem plus a tight squeeze to swap out controllers.

My solution was to get an old power strip (as in 1980s old; found in my parents condo after they passed) and position it at the back of the seat as power for the hub, then position the hub next to it. All the HOTAS controller USB cables are routed under the seat to the back. Easy to access and no tangling the cables.

The only problem was the power strip’s power cord…a little danger masking tape took care of it. :grin:

The same tape I used on the ceiling.

Ooooh…that sounds interesting…I could cut to specific lengths…looks like another trip to Lowes is in order! :thinking:


We all know the dangers of your ceiling (too soon?)

jokes aside, everything looks great!


Never too soon with me. :laughing:


my wife admires the bucket and offered me one thats in the garage. My 30cm joystick extension removes the need. My throttle however sits on a filing box which in turn sits on a stool. Tues night on final in a three ship formation of ‘Slick’ Hueys it all came apart leaving me in VR holding the throttle in mid air. There was no collective to add during the landing


:sob: :rofl:

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VR Pit Update. With the exception of the ceiling “escape hatch”, by and large my VR-Pit has made move to Norway well enough.

The bucket stick support system is still working well and I have located the PC where all cables are easily accessible. That said, I am contemplating a more grandiose arrangement. Stay tuned…