NASA’s new Mars Rover concept

Parker Brothers Concepts designed it with NASA’s input.

I can just imagine myself tooling around Mars in that thing, and I like it! :grin:


Thing looks straight outta Mass Effect!

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It looks rather Hollywood to me.

It does makes sense, tho.
Wheels that can’t be punctured, slanted shapes to improve resistance to impacts with stones and stuff while keeping the whole thing light, a good ground clearance without exaggeration as Mars has lower gravity…

About time NASA started designing stuff that looks like its out of a Sci-Fi movie… screw practical and go cool… and they can license a version of this through Ford so all those Hummer drivers can suck it…

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After reading the article, it makes sense as a publicity piece. But I wonder with every kilo being a precious commodity, how are they planning to lift that huge thing out of earth gravity.

Well me as “Master Chief” would roll it over in about 15 seconds.