National Aerobatics Day!

Back in the winter incoming IAC president Jim Bourke deemed June 26 to be National Aerobatics Day. My friend Chris Murley invited our local chapter (IAC 58) to celebrate the occasion at his personal aerobatic box at Sky Haven, PA. Terrific weekend! I’ve had maybe 5 hours of acro practice in the last 3 years so this is me practicing the only portion I know of this year’s Advanced Known sequence. I am not sure how I feel about the extreme level of stabilization.


Loved it…! Good grief the roll rate on that thing. Apologies for the maybe morbid question…but do you mentally brief the bailout procedure prior to each flight? Is it a fairly quick process to get unbuckled and get out?


I have two problems: one old, one new. The old one is the canopy release. It has two tabs that I unlock then slide. I guess in a panic I would use force and bend them but in normal use, I sometimes struggle. The new problem is the new Gopro. It hangs over my shoulder and about 3 inches from my ear. The 155deg FOV totally distorts how truly tiny that cockpit is. So yeah getting out would not be a fast process: canopy, right pull for the top belt, left pull for the bottom and jump. If I make it past the camera, the headset will easily break with no damage to my noggin. Below 1500’ it’s probably not survivable.


You have so much of my respect…


So basically…make sure you Aircraft Inspector is competent and a friend… :rofl: The stresses on those airplanes (and the people within)…are amazing. Really great footage…I like the gimbal mounted camera perspective…



What is that IL2 bombsight looking thingy on the outer strut for and how do you use it? I’m guessing it’s an easier visual attitude indicator, but can’t work out what all the different lines would be.

I find it confusing to watch. And I’m the one flying! You probably know but for those who don’t (I didn’t), It’s not actually a gimbal. It’s just amazing software on a Gopro Hero9.


Amazing @smokinhole! I wouldn’t be able to handle the first flight turn :slight_smile:

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@Fridge @komemiute

It is WAY easier than it looks and it is WAY easier than our sim hobby. For comparison, here is my sim day today:

  1. Friend on Discord claims he can take me on in a P-47 with me in a Spit. I call “bs!” on his claim. He shoots me down in 45 seconds.

  2. I figure single player might be a better fit for me today. I hit the fantail during a daytime trap in the F-14.

  3. I then figure helicopters might be a better fit for me today. I enter VRS after letting the machine settle during a high hover and leave a big oily smudge in the Yemeni desert.


In the online squadron I fly with we have a member who is a CFI and he is always saying that he has more trouble with his sim flying than he does with the real thing.

Which I guess when you think about is a really good thing. :thinking:



Sorry my respect iis non-refundable.
You have it and you can’t give it back.



This was taken by a girl kayaking in the river below.


That’s SO cool!

Awesome video and pictures, thanks for sharing! That looks like a LOT of fun, makes me wish I was still flying an RV-4 on the regular.

Someday my wife will let me build one of my own.


You build half and ill build half. Then we meet in the middle of the Atlantic and bolt it together.

I would KILL for an rv4 or an 8


Those wingtip vortices are clearly overdone, pls fix in the next patch :grin:

Amazing, thanks for posting!


There was a GORGEOUS side-by-side RV* that flew a fine Sportsman sequence in the box. It’s nice to see more and more Vans owners ready to compete.

*I’ve given up trying to learn the Vans RV numbers.

Everything I see that is a sleek taildragger on a ramp is a Vans-something in my mind. I have no idea. I can’t even properly ID most business jets anymore.