NATO Ministry of Information video thread

My allergies are quivering in horror just watching that.

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Because the Fuerza Aerea Mexicana has put them out to pasture.

My pants are starting to get tight again!

Watching the Typhoon taxi, it reminds me that the pilot really does sit ludicrously high in the saddle. The visibility in that thing must be tremendous.

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It is.

There’s a lot of this either shot for or recycled from The Final Countdown




Another one… seems like the CBU’s were quite troublesome holy crap!

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Article, not a video, but relevant!

Apparently a bunch of Mach Loop virgins a few days ago? …

I love everything about this video…

Since no one posted it yet. Sexy Sexy Photo Phants.


Oh dear… @chipwich might need some tissues…

Of course, I saw “the living legend” title and thought it might be a biography about me…but still…Phantoms are cool…

Cool tech inbound … the Raytheon Pike! A semi-active laser-guided precision munition … one guy fires it while another lases the target …

Looks like a li’l Hellfire :slight_smile:


Mach 2+ gentlemen.

You get that with an f111 and swing wings and all!

The ships are doing the Blue Angels star burst maneuver in slow motion…