NATO Ministry of Information video thread

Well, since we have a Russian one - we probably need a Western/NATO one too…

Cool video of an electromagnetic railgun firing - but I want to see what it hit…!


Welp, are we allowed to go backwards in time too?

One of the things I like about railguns is that they are environmentally friendly. No point in depleting the ozone for everyone while you are depleting the enemy of their infrastructure.


You might like this historians writing on nuclear history:

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Mmmm…delicious…F-4s departing Nellis and heading over the Grand Canyon…

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I’ll be in the shower.

I still thinking having one of these in DCS World would be epic…


Not NATO…but nowhere else to put this…

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VAQ-130 Zapper 2016 Cruise Video…some cool historical and current footage…

Hey…for a minute there @Navynuke99 I thought they were going to get into the Nuke spaces at 6:28…LOL…such teases. We probably can’t handle what goes on in those compartments… :eyes:


Nah, that’s the O-2 level, above the hangar bay, I believe starboard side, amidships, through I think hanagar bay 2. I can’t tell you why I recognize that, or I’d have to kill you. :wink:

After what happened to us after that Shania Twain video, everybody in the fleet is still rather gun-shy about showing the propulsion plant doors any more.

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I just finished watching the whole 25 minute video…including the credits. What a great little peek into the world on a ship like that. I really enjoyed the candid footage of the deck crew doing their thing…poking fun at each other…and the Christmas stuff was cool. I can’t imagine being away from my kid for months and months at a time…missing a lot of special times in their lives. The cool factor and flash of being a fighter pilot is awesome…but man, all of the men and women on those ships sacrifice so much to do their jobs. It is an amazing thing.

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It’s best experienced when single- there was nothing holding me to shore aside from my friends, and I actually enjoyed being out to sea and away from home. I can’t even imagine being a parent or a spouse and being away from my family that much - it’s not just deployments, there are workups and inspections and training detachments that mean even more time away, even when you’re not on a deployment or surge cruise.

Uhm, I like where this is going.

  • sipping tea * Go on, do tell…

This video.

The Captain of the ship had to fly to DC after that cruise to get a very stern talking - to by the 4-star Admiral in charge of the Navy’s nuclear power program, because of the scene showing folks prancing through the door into the plant, then Lt. Christiansen standing in front of the “reactor in operation” sign (at about 35-50 seconds in).

Then the guy dancing in the yellow anti-contamination suit right after that, also got a very stern talking to by several high - ish ranking officers for his antics as well. Rickover wasn’t known for being a very fun guy, and that tradition has sort of passed on down the line.


OH WOW![spoiler][/spoiler]

Gratuitous 1960’s fighter and live firing porn…

Warning may be graphic if your a mannequin.


The A400M sure is a beautiful aircraft…


Sperry Ball Turret, nice interviews and examples. Shame they don’t go further into the technical details of the turrets.

The Zapper cruise clip was…inspirational. I don’t know how these guys do this. Some of those in-the-office segments just make your stomach drop.

I’ve pretended to be a combat pilot since Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat came out and I had to hunt for the word in the manual to unlock the game, but it’s things like that make me realize what these guys are, do and represent is about a billion times more impressive than anything I could ever accomplish on a PC and they do it for real.

My dad was gone a lot on cruises and it’s those kind of films that make me wonder what it was like but glad I don’t know.

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