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Roo attacks




It’s a country that is actively trying to kill you at every turn, started out as a penal colony governed by a slew of corrupt bastards(seriously, hilarious if you read up on some of the rulers) and despite best intentions is now inhibited by people that actually like it.

you’d have to be stark raving mad to invade that place and expect a succes story.


Actually, the English in their wisdom sent prisoners to paradise… Yeah that’s a deterent. :wink:


The amount of beer this aircraft could deliver to the beach is probably a good selling point…



Paradise is New Zealand… nice climate, wonderful scenery and no fauna that can kill you…

Australia… lots of desert, deadly snakes and spiders, Great White Sharks, Salt Water Crocs etc etc oh, and was once home for a significant number of a certain failed naval swing wing fighter (that ended up as a bomber)…

Just pulling your leg of course! :smiley: I would love to visit Australia someday.
:wink: :sunglasses:




awesome plane and images but the dude who made all those superfast cuts can go sit on the stairs a while until he calms the frak down.

I can’t wait to fly one of those monsters in DCS!



Some cool shots of the first two Aussie F-35’s arriving in Australia and flying form with some Hornets. I gotta say, the paint scheme without all the panel lines being a different color looks really slick on the F-35. Also, I just realized something after watching this video. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture or video of any F-35 with external tanks, even when flying trans-oceanic. Now I’m curious if externals are even something that is planned for the F-35. I mean, even the F-22 has external tanks for long ferry flights. Seems strange that the F-35 wouldn’t, even if just for ferry flights. Unless they are planned, but not in use yet because of the pylons still being tested or something…


The fuel fraction on the panther is such that probably hanging bags off it isn’t worth the drag.


Not a video but a couple good articles for reading:


Interesting read on the F-15X. I’ve personally felt for many years that the best bet for the US Military would be to have a healthy mixed fleet of 5th gen A/C and advanced versions of existing 4th gen A/C, vs an all 5th gen fleet. The Navy seems to have started moving in that direction, and it now seems like, with that article, that the USAF might finally be giving up the all 5th gen dream and moving that way as well. If so I defiantly think it will be for the best.


So one of my best friends from high school is OPSO of a Hummer squadron out of NAS Norfolk, and one of the back seaters in the Hawkeye. Fun fact: she was an E-3 leaving Boot Camp because of me. She was an AT (Avionics Tech) working on F-14’s before she got picked up for STA-21 and went back to school.


The USAF doesn’t seem to be onboard with it, though. The ideas are being floated outside of their office and senior personnel seem to indicate they don’t want new F-15s.

I’m a bit more annoyed about their lack of a decision on the OA-X at this point, though.


Indecision seems to be what the USAF is best at these days, which might be why people outside the USAF are trying to make some decisions for them. Possibly so they don’t end up in a situation with the Eagles like the USMC has found itself in with its Hornets.


A nice set of clips featuring a very large variety of A/C passing threw “Star Wars Canyon”. The two that really caught my eye where the QF-4, and a very fancy looking F-15 trimed in orange.


Some pure F-4 action in the canyon. :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

Oh ED/BST… :disappointed_relieved:


Israeli F15 loses canopy at 30k - crew lands the plane