Navigraph Subscription Questions

I haven’t kept mine active for a while, but was tempted to reactivate. Questions for anyone with it (@BeachAV8R I think?) and MSFS before I pay again:

  1. There’s a beta feature for MSFS 2020 that writes out some new navdata (over the top of the recent AIRAC cycle that comes with the sim), does that work ok?

  2. How’s the charts nowadays for less travelled places like Gander, NL (CYQX) as I’m headed over that way and am curious what the coverage is like in those sort of areas for charts/approaches etc.

Thanks for any help!

  1. I do have the MSFS data installed, though I haven’t done much of a comparison or test to see how well the data is integrated.

As far as your other question, looks like it’s all there!

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Great - thank you!

I’m showing AIRAC Cycle 2013 installed…I’m not sure how that compares to the installed data…

But I’m glad you asked because it looks like a bunch of my X-Plane add-ons needed updating…

I’ll see if I can look at Gander and that area in MSFS and see what is populating in the FMS…

I’ll have to pop into the sim tomorrow morning and compare the nav database to the listed SIDs and STARs to see if I see any differences…

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Ah…after using the Navigraph FMS Data Manager I see I’ve updated to Cycle 2101 rev 1 which is good until…well…January 28, 2021…so at least I know all my X-Plane databases are now showing the most recent. That tool does not control the MSFS updates though…will have to investigate more…

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I’m going to pay, just to get the recent charts. Canadian charts are paywalled by the government anyway, so that’s reason enough.

@boomerang10 mentioned about the use of the MSFS custom data, so I can fiddle with that. I did see a reference to it here:

You have to use the Navigraph beta installer, a standalone tool, for MSFS2020 as it’s not yet integrated into the main Navigraph tool.

It’s very simple though. You fire up the beta Navigraph took, remove then old, this removes this from your MSFS2020, then click install and it puts the new AIRAC cycle in.

But of a waffley answer, I’ll post up screenshots if now you need as I need to update to the latest cycle.

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How to update Navigraph for MSFS2020, from the email Navigraph send out:

  • Quit the simulator if running
  • Open the navdata update tool (Start menu > Navigraph, or launch app with Navigraph logo in tray)
  • Make sure you are running Beta 19 or later of the app (see bottom edge of window). If you are running an earlier version, download and install the latest client version.
  • If you have an earlier dataset than the current cycle installed, press Remove
  • Press Install

Graphically this looks like this:

  1. Run the Navigraph Beta App and click Remove

  2. old AIRAC cycle is removed

  3. Click Install

    New AIRAC is installing

  4. Updated with new AIRAC cycle