Need a Graphics Card Recommendation

I think I need a new graphics cards. ever since DCS 1.5 everytime I fly my card runs a bit hot, 85 celcius, I did see a 95 celcius but that was before I cleaned my PC out. Since then the highest I have seen is 88. It only happens with DCS, Any other sim I run Im good.

I am running a GTX 570 with a Intel Q9650 Quad core at 3.0 GHZ. My 570 has 1.5 GB of RAM. Ever since DCS 1.5 the requirments have gone up.

With that said i get anywhere from 80 to 120 FPS in DCS 1.5.

I was wondering if there was a good graphics card upgrade for under $200 dollars. I saw a GIGABYTE 750 ti on new egg for $150.

My Cumputer is old, like 6 years old, I need a new one however I dont have the money to build a new one and honestly all the sims/games I run actually run great still.

I have no issues keeping the card I got but I am afraid its going to give up one day and id like to be able to quickly replace it or at least know what I am going to do.

I’d go one up though and do GTX 960. I buy exclusively Asus. I don’t have any experience with other manufactures. But it should be good though.

I’d recommend going up on the onboard ram to 4 gig though. If you’re willing to shell out a bit more;

Cool. I wasnt sure about the 960. I looked a t a 970 but thats is still in the $400 range. I will take a look at the EVGA 960 4GB. Looks good. At this point I am thinking any new care 700 series or up will yeild improvements.

My last 3 cards have been EVGA and I have never had an issue with any of them.

What you should be bying is A geforce Titan X 12Gb 384bit GDDR5


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LOL!! I would love to! but that aint happening!

The main thing to look out for is Core clock, memory size and memory interface.

Your 570 has a very nice memory interface. Probably why it runs your games so well. 750 probably would be a downgrade. even a 960.

You can kinda get a feel for the GPUs on this site

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If it’s running hot, remove heatsink and reapply quick silver…sometimes it helps.

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It only runns hot with DCS. Everything else it runs fine.

I understand. but still… I had an old 680 (IIRC) that made Jumbo Jet taking off sound…apparently factory didn’t apply good stuff correctly. Anyhow, a free try if only problem that it’s running hot.

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I will try it. I appreciate the tip too.

best cooling last time i checked is from ASUS, i personally have gtx 770 and its doing a pertty good job on dcs 1.5 but i do suffer some stuttering online but that’s mostly cuz of net coding and 1.5 ain’t stable still, even if they say it is. i would say wait atleast for another 2 months to see where DCS goes, and then you will be able to get the right card for that.

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Only thing i can also add, graphics card aside, is airflow residual ambient heat.

Some cards run hot due to heat sink problems (i RMA’d a card as it exceeded its own temp tracking ability. never good to have something running which you can boil water on.)

More insidious is the residual ambient heat. You won’t notice its effect running things that doesn’t stress your components. But running an application that does stress and the problem increases very quickly.

Basically its the ventilation and conductive dispersion of your case (and contents inside). So the obvious is, when components get hot, and the ambient heat can’t be flushed, that hot air recircs through the components and dramatically impacts the temperature of the items.

Long story short, if you are buying a new card. Then look at your case, your cases filters, fans cables and air management.

If you can create better airflow it will go a long way to keeping your new card and old bits running longer

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@Bogusheadbox I second this. No specifics, but I had a crap case that I swapped out for a much more ventilated one, and reaaranged my cable routing, and with the same components everything was running easily 15-20% cooler.

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DCS benchmark over here, a real gem


That is a thorough piece of work. Nice.

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Just noticed this one.

Weapon, like CPU’s, GPU’s from different generations can run hotter or colder depending on die size and architecture, the GTX500 series Nvidia did run hot, but they were designed to do so. those temps for that generation GPU and a stock cooler seem normal ish from memory.

You mention all your sims run great, so why upgrade?

I know I know, its always a pleasure to have new parts and I’m very guilty of that too :slight_smile: GTX980 Titan X 12 GB here.

If you are considering a new high res or 4K screen, deffo go for a good card and probably a good idea to upgrade other stuff too in harmony if you can manage.