Need Help Optimising DCS

Hey guys, I need some help. With the newer releases of DCS its all but crippled my sim experience.

I’m running a AMD FX-8120, with 8 gigs of ram and a Nvidia GTX 770.

These are my in game settings:

and with this I’m getting crazy amounts of stuttering and online pretty much crash every time. I know I can just dump all my setting to low but I’m worried about being able to see other players at closer ranges. I’ve noticed that even the main menu seems to tax my graphics card and that just doesn’t seem right. Am I missing something? Halp!

Edit: I just noticed I have HDR on… brb testing…
Edit: well HDR off improved my situation alot so I’ll have to keep messing around… feel like an idiot for not noticing it before. And I cant delete the thread now lol

turn of HDR. try turning down the multi-sampling anti aliasing and the anisotropic filtering. I don’t know how much it would help but I have lens effects turned off too ( I like to pretend I am a pilot, not a camera :slight_smile: )

don’t update the cockpit displays every frame. that’s also an FPS killer. if that’s on then every time the screen refreshes it also refreshes the image on any mirrors, MFD’s, Radar displays etcetera. I believe if you turn it off it’ll only refresh around 20 to 30 times per second wich is more than enough to use those displays.

Turning on flat shadows helps too. If flat shadows are off objects in the world can cast shadows on other objects etc and that destroys perfomance for something you likely won’t notice unless you fly helicopters.

hope it helps.

Oh didn’t know that about the cockpit displays thanks for the heads up!

You have Full Screen on, so do I. Last night things were really choppy until I pressed LAlt-Enter for true full screen mode - try that.

Are you running Tacview or LOATC? Utilities that export data tend to slow down DCS quite a bit

Not running any accessory stuff.

That full screen thing is interesting though I’m not sure if it increased my performance… it did format to my screen nicer lol

Thanks for the help guys, I’m almost back to my old performance levels, I guess now its a matter of hardware.