Need help with AMD Adrenalin software

New card installed and working great but I’m having trouble understanding the Adrenalin software and how I can set up profiles for DCS and apply AA instead of using the in sim setting. There is a global setting but it doesn’t do anything… Has anyone used it and can offer any guidance? Thanks :slight_smile:

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No idea… but to be honest, with a Nvidia card I just Let DCS do its own thing and use the settings in there :grin:


I’d read that using MSAA in game gives a big FPS hit so was wanting to use from the driver. I used to set it in the Nvidia software and it worked no problem., This isn’t so straight forward lol.
Had a blue screen last night when switching PC on…

Ah… But is it ok now … ?

Not sure. Will have to check tonight but it did do it when I’d first fitted the card and then installed the newest ATI drivers, whilst installing it blue screened. Restarted and blue screened 3 times and then went into recovery mode. Windows did a roll back and started up. Then windows downloaded a PCI E file and I re-downloaded the ATI driver and it worked. This is the first time it’s happened again… Could be a driver issue.

Possibly… If not just do a safe start flush all ati drivers and start again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, I’ll do that. I know I got rid of everything Nvidia as I cleaned it in safe mode so it’s not that.