Need Help!

Got the Viggen in the cart, help me decide between Sabre, MiG15, or L39. Can justify spending $60 this month, so i figured I’d pick up 2 modules. Which do you recommend.

I already own:


I’d recommend the sabre/ 15 (or both!) similar avionics complexity to the f-5 and mig-21 so pretty quick to learn. The sabre is easier to fly and a solid platform and tons of fun. The mig is slightly better performing, but takes a lot more work to get the performance out of. Also using the gunsight on the sabre is fairly easy, the gunsight on the mig is… preposterously difficult to use. Both have great character and are a ton of fun to fly.

Sabre. Fun and easy. Sorta. But really fun.

In VR I really like the MiG 15, mainly because the cockpit is cluttered and very cramped (you practically wear it). The F86 is great too, but so is the L39.

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Also, if you enjoyed the Huey then the Mi8 is a lot of fun.


Thanks for the responses. I’m leaning heavy on Viggen/Sabre combo. I do like the Huey, it just seemed way too easy. It literally took me 5 minutes to figure out how to cold start it, and flying it is very easy as long as you don’t throw the collective up and down like a mad man.

it depends what you like doing … one of my faves at the mo is the mirage … it can do a bit of everything, but didnt notice until just now its not in the sale … sorry

I like the mirage too, one of my favorite things to do is messing with the autopilot landing modes. Definitely a fun module. I just pulled the trigger on Viggen/Sabre, you guys pushed me over the edge.

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Quick thread hijack since gunny’s decided.

Are there compatibility issues between steam purchases and the standalone dcs? Ala RoF? Or is it all compatible?

No compatibility issues.

In fact you can purchase in steam if its cheaper and then just use the code in standalone

I guess I should’ve checked the Dcs site first. How come all the add-ons say steam incompatible? Is it only compatible buying from steam and usi g in standalone, not buying from standalone and unlocking in steam?

Right now the only one that isnt compatible from steam to standalone is the Mirage 2000. And if they ever release a new module, it wont be compatible from steam to standalone. One may argue that after 2.5 comes to steam, there would be no reason to have standalone though. Theres some info on the dcs forums regarding it. Has to do with the DRM.

Right but from standalone to steam? The website indicates that pretty much all are steam incompatible.

you cant bring any over from the DCS shop to steam as far as I know, only the other way prior to Mirage

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Since the title is appropriate…

I’ve got Flaming Cliffs 3. Haven’t dabbled much, but eventually plan to, and like the rest of you, I am clearly fond of paying for things and then letting them sit idle.

Since I have little restraint, and there is a sale, what would your recommended next purchases be? Let’s say I could get max 3 items (though I likely) won’t, and maybe only 1, so best to rank them in order.

To make it easier, I don’t do helicopters.

I may not get anything! But I can always keep the list for later! My backlog is getting too big already after all. But it’s so purdy.

Well, it really depends on what floats your boat. The only modules to stay away from IMHO are the Hawk and C101 (because they need a lot of work to be complete).

The MiG21 is a lot of fun, it’s pretty difficult to master, so it makes it fun even just landing and taking off. The F5 is also a lot of fun to fly around. I’m not into the WW2 stuff, the helos are cool, but personally they get boring fast. NTTR is also well worth a half off buy.

Assuming it’s fast jets you want -

  1. NTTR (if multiplayer is in your future you gotta have the map everyone else does, if not skip)
  2. Mirage
  3. Viggen
  4. Mig-21 (with F-14 and F-4E coming this will be a very popular opfor aircraft so maybe higher on your list if you like that sort of thing)

If you are into the WW2 stuff go that route. The F-86 and Mig-15 are two of the best modules in the game but they have zero infrastructure around them to give you a reason to fly them. They are also in a generation all their own so they don’t show up in public server “big” missions.The Mig-15 is the poster girl for being “fond of paying for things and letting them sit idle.”

Hmm. Mirage isn’t on sale, so that’s less ideal though it does look interesting. Viggen obviously seems most popular right now. Sabre interests me but it seems less popular (mp-wise) from what I gather, and then there’s the Mig-21.

Decisions decisions. Keep opinions coming guys! I love having options.

edit: Look like NTTR requires 2.0. I guess that’ll factor into aircraft purchase decisions as well.