Need thoughts / Opinions on a DIY Project please

Basically I am intending to build a pair of Desk Mounts with 15 series Aluminum extrusion. The screen I am going to post with this text contains the extrusion and all the needed hardware for that extrusion only .

I do not yet have end caps in the cart , nor have I added the top plate for the vertical extrusion pieces or the HOTAS mounting plates . Nor the Toggle clamps, as I already have those , I use them for doing gas welding and sweating copper to hold copper in place. I keep spares laying around.

The 67$ US price includes all cuts , tapping , 4 counter boreholes , various hardware for 2 mounts ( One for Throttle and one for Stick) and shipping.

Please let me know if you see anything I have overlooked when it comes to the extrusion and configuring it in the needed L form . If you see potential failure or design flaw , by all means please say so. I have pretty solid build skills , but a design engineer I certainly am not by anyone’s standards .

After overall design and function , simplicity and low investment cost are the goals .

I appreciate any feedback very much gentlemen !

Could you make a simple drawing showing how the parts go together?
Are those anchor assemblys the right kind? Hard to tell from that pic.


Yes Troll I will get a drawing and a better screen shot asap. I am just in a bind for time this morning, we have a Drop Dead Date on the new engine and Pro Client version and 4 Scenarios ! due for the US Army in 23 days , and late last night I managed to crash what was consider a very stable client build.

What can I say, its my job to crash it :stuck_out_tongue: , but the stress level rose immensely , should soon settle down though.

You are right though and I will add both asap, once the panic level in my little corner of the world settles back down and calmer heads return.


Working in QA in the gaming industry I have felt your pain there! Nothing like getting to setoff the call back chain to the entire dev team December 21st to become the least favorite person in the office for a while. But hey we get paid to break it, not be liked!

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@JunkYardDog if you can provide a sketch and some basic dimensions, i can whip up a model for you in Fusion360 & share it, (Fusion 360 is free using a hobbyist license).
You could then tweek your design as required before you have to cut anything or purchase any additional components.



OK Gadget I will do that, and thank you much ! I am sorry as I had promised to do this yesterday, but a validation key failure for a fresh windows install had me with MS support , and the second agent to help me fix my key somehow turned that simple task into deleting and doing a full LONG version format on my C drive !!

I lost near everything there, and backing up is not a option as that will add back the issue that was most certainly resolved by a long version drive format and a Reinstall of about 1TB . Which I am about 1/3 into right now , and by the time I am done will end up about 1.7 TB.

I rarely get very upset on the NET or with Customer Service people if I can help it. For one its not good for me personally health wise. Two I promised my youngest daughter years ago I would stop doing that and be nicer " Daddy" , as she put it.

I absolutely , in every vocal way and also in a massive online LIVE chat POST to a MS Supervisor and a Lead Support Agent , verbally dissected and sliced into thin strips Microsoft as a whole, that support agent that did such a dumb ass thing and anyone that wanted to chime in as I was doing so.

How, in the name of God , do you turn a Support call to get a NEW WIndows install activation key, into asking to remote to my drive for a minor change that was said needed, and then a FULL and unrecoverable Format of my C: Drive !!! ???

They never once even asked me to calm down, just took their berating and humiliation like grown folks . I told them at the end that at least they had the courage and good sense to flat out admit they royally screwed up and they offered me various choices on possible “Good Will” reimbursement things etc… I turned everyone down and each time told them No thank you, but I tell you what I do want… and then said 5 or 10 more minutes of all off you staying in this chat so I can express my outrage till I feel like I have vented it all. They stayed too, and never once even tried to ask me to stop or calm down. I would pause on occasion , and they wisely would start to attempt more sorry or explain away what ever I had ripped them on in the last tirade. This went on for a good 45 minutes to a hour too.

Still very HOT about it, and when I decide what I do want as a bribe from them to not destroy them in a more Social or Media type way, I will NOT hesitate to call them and tell them. As they said if I need to or changed my mind, I was welcome to do.

Whew I am still smoking hot over that complete failure of their entire support system and subsequent perma loss of very hard to replace Data and a lot of work I had to get in Monday of next week.

I mean seriously you managed to turn getting me a replacement windows key into formatting my drive, and NOT telling me you did , saying I was good to go and hanging up the call, 5 MINUTES before you closed for the night !

That is STUPID on a scale that would impress any Deity !

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Letting my boss here this story in a online chat over needed direction and things must be done by early next week was fun. Great guy and he was not upset at all that my loss included a Updated Version of our latest build and the entire Debug Client version I have been testing and more.

I am very lucky to work for the Gentlemen that run and own that Company and to get to contribute in making the games we make and the Pro version of them thats Used By the Armies of USA , Canada , and the United Kingdom . The loss of their intellectual property I was responsible for was the thing that lit my arse on fire over this the most actually.

They are as fine of people as you could hope for and were far more concerned with my loss than one client build, but still the fact I was placed in that position and the incredible way it occurred fired me right back up again earlier today.

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This is more or less my very simple idea and hope for a No Frills , low cost pair of Monstertechish knock offs . Looking at a Vertical Extruded profile measurement of 10 inches , with the Horizontal and much short L leg at about 3 inch in length. The Online site called TNUTZ will do the cuts for me and promised me they would talk with me when I was ready to finalize my order to make sure I was buying what I needed to achieve my build goals.


They are very happy to accommodate their paying customers …Looking at you Microsoft!!! … and roughly 65 $ US gets me all hardware and the pre cut to my measurement 80/20 Extrusion pieces and also pays the shipping to me.

I am still on the fence over how i will do the Top plates and the needed size of them , and exactly how high of quality Toggles I want to invest in. I have a few toggles already here and will be looking them over in detail more this evening I hope. Once I have this cluster of a recovery well in hand.

Thanks guys, and I will get you some better detail drawings and clearer measurements ASAP , just have way to many “Irons in the fire " right now to tackle what quickly went from a high priority project on my schedule , to a " I will get it when I can .” dream over the last 14-16 hours.

Should be able to start soon though, I hope.



possibly not the identical clamp you’re using, but took what I could find on GrabCAD to save some time.

I also got a bit creative with the top plate and added improved side brace plates
the mount plate on this example is for the warthog throttle, with that in mind, I was allowing for a lot of weight hanging off that lever arm of the horizontal section. The side braces can be lengthened if you prefer.

You will obviously also require a plate for the underside where the clamp attaches to improve grip & stability

Autodesk Fusion 360 file can be accessed here:

(think of me when you access)



Thats fantastic ! Thank you so much . The bottom plate , that the Stick and throttle will mount to is going to have Guss type support under it that will perform the same stiffening and brace support that the side plate you designed there will do . Still I like the plate as much or more actually and that is food for thought as a change most definitely .

Thank you Gadget , I have had a past 24 hours or so that has been off the charts stress filled and nerve wracking and your offer of help and the design yoou did for me here have helped ease the impact of those destructive forces on me FAR FAR more than you will ever know or I could explain.

It is always a comfort to know, that there are still people out there whom have good hearts and good intent , and are willing to help others out of the kindness of that good heart.

You sir , are a beacon of light on what has been a very dark day or two in my world. For that alone, much less your design drawings , I am in your debt !

With the Utmost respect ,

JunkYardDog aka Terry B .

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G’day bud
no worries, I spent 20+ years in the IT field, mostly doing SysAdmin, WAN & Firewall security, I feel your pain. Nothing turns your gut like a hardware catastrophe.
I suspect your one of the good ones, displayed by your ownership of the problem and emotional investment, I’ve had to wade my way through innumerable worthless sods , seagul managers, oxygen thieving project managers with no IT savvy at all & over qualified techs with no practical skillset, who couldn’t care less about the quality of their work or the end result.

Hopefully things are on the up for you bud (couldn’t get much worse)
keep your chin up

I have found much solace in the guidance and information sharing provided here by the likes of @Troll @Fridge @komemiute & @TheAlmightySnark who is responsible for leading me (astray) here, apologies if I forgot anyone whom has helped me in the past.

There are some very clever individuals who are extraordinarily generous with their knowledge, expertise & assistance. I am glad I could help in my limited capacity/skillset.

Often all that is offered is a suggested alternative to a design consideration which you might not have realised or simply overlooked, many hands make light work and a fresh set of eyes on your project can often lead to unexpected results. I have often been creeped out by some of the designs I have come across here that are literally an image out of my mind, some designs that I have drawn up being literally like for like, simple solutions to a common problem that are almost identical in their solution. It is often un-nerving.

Otherwise though you often see something & its a light bulb moment & you’ll end up mumbling to yourself
“You clever sod… why didn’t I think of that”



Not sure that you’re going to need any side bracing for the mounting plate

As can be seen above, there isn’t much overhang over the sides of the 8020 extrusion at all.
the plate is really only for providing the screw hole mount points adaptation of the throttle to the extrusion.

Also I tweeked the side brace to give it some more length & 2 sets of screws for the horizontal extrusion
(bit of a face palm moment when I noticed it).



Exactly ! :+1:
I am very lucky as they actually , for the most part , appreciate me doing so almost every single time. Exception or two times being , 20 days or so before a Drop Dead Date for a massive and important client . Even then I know they do, it just adds a level of tension and stress to a period of time that is always jammed full of both already .

I would not have the chance to do what I do though , if I were the type that would ease up on my responsibilities just because we are nearing a non-negotiable dead line .

We make games, and I love that and am blessed to now be able to do something as a job that I very much enjoy . Yet those same games are also the basis of the Professional grade software that is used for both Study and Training for some of the Western Worlds most critical Ground Force Military’s .Its not the most critical of their tools, but it is important and good enough that they choose to continue to use it.

It provides a Operational Level view of situation and outcomes to Ops level Commanders , and even to those whom never get to see the Battlefield from that perspective and the results that might occur from certain decision’s or force movement , repositioning , and yes even battles that happen on a smaller than ops scale , that they can input to the pro tier engine .

You never know when one of those Men or Women that had the chance to use and train with our tool , might make a decision based on that experience. That decision might impact my son, or your son , or for that matter someones son for sure chance of surviving or not.

To me , that is a responsibility I take with the seriousness of mind and approach to my impact on it that it deserves and every time like it was my kid out there it was going to impact on.

It is really , the only time people will experience that side of my personality . A personality that most whom know me see as one of Humor, Helpfulness , and very much a great big goofball almost all the time . Which is pretty much true . Except when I am doing something like this that has potential to directly impact the life of those that choose to Serve to defend us , and also those that are married to them , or call them Dad or Mom , Son or Daughter.

80% of the time, it is about a game and making a product that the man who owns the Company can be proud to put that company name on, and one that gives pleasure and a entertainment to the people that buy it for that.

So when I am able to break a client , even if its 20 minutes before the Drop dead Date and time, I am going to do so, and that is something I know I can live with, and that the others , like it or not, better learn to . :crazy_face: :grinning:

Cheers man !


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Oh man , I have had my share and more experiences with oxygen thieves , and nothing in this world will turn my normally cheerful attitude in to one off absolute revulsion and even rage than that of someone that needs to be told to “come in out of the rain” and should not have ever made it into the Gene pool .

For some reason I seem to be a magnet for people , especially here lately, that are absolute living and breathing proof of the saying " The two most abundant elements in our Universe are , Hydrogen and Stupidity."

It will though, as you say , get better at some point . Until then , I will push on and not let it deter me more than needed . Still , at times , I let it get the best of me and explode in a fit of anger far larger than the situation probably calls for, and that part of it, is on me and a “me” problem as I am old enough to know better and have on some level , control of how I let it impact me.

I wholeheartedly agree, and one of the numerous reasons I am so glad I stumbled into this little secret corner of the internet !

As am I, and I am very grateful for it. I can often conceive a decent idea for a design or way to approach something like this , but I struggle with a lack of ability to envision it in a way that allows others to understand what benefit I see in it and even to conceive my idea at all as useful in anyway.

Your , “little contribution” to me is a massive one to be truthful , that will allow me to present to the Rep at TNUTZ a drawing that he can actually gleen a inkling of where I am trying to go and what I want to do out .

Thus it will greatly reduce and eliminate the otherwise high probability that he was not able to fully understand my description of the build I am wanting to do.

Appreciate that and you my friend, a great deal !

Cheers !

the side brace dimensions

& the mounting plate for the TM warthog throttle

hope this gets you across the line



before I open a new thread on what Im now working on… (like the above but folds up under the desk)

I dont suppose anyone here is a mechanical engineer (or knows one, or is studying)?
I have a design I need to nut out the linkage mechanism for (but I am lacking in the math & terminology)

I think all I might need is nudging in the right direction
but if someone was happy to mentor a slightly broken vet, that has trouble absorbing new material it would be very much appreciated.

unlike a parallel linkage I want the platform/shelf to rotate ~90 degrees to allow the mounted throttle or joystick to remain secured in place & simply fold up & under the desk



my problem is rear linkage variesd from ~150mm closed to 240mm open

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At your service!
(But the last couple of decades I’m making my living flying things that other engineers have made)

I have a little trouble understanding what you are trying to accomplish?

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I think I see what you want to do!
Considering the weight of many modern joystick handles, wouldn’t it be better to store the stick upright, so it won’t stress the springs?

How about just making it swing back in under the desk?

possibly, I would probably need to increase the level at full extension otherwise the joystick will be hitting the underside. I was trying to be clever and make it tuck right up neatly out of the way…
little point if its off to the side already
but if the joystick is central, then it has the potential of hitting both knees…

What’s the height of the joystick and is 200 (in?) the depth of the desk?