Neon Wings: Air Race - arcade-ish multiplayer

This one is a new racing game with waporwave neon design. Controls are not intended to be realistic but the steering assist can be configured and even switched off if one desires.
You may control your ship with a controller or with the mouse. There are a lot upgradeable of ships and levels waiting.
The controls need an average of 40 minutes playtime to get used to so be patient. :slight_smile: A free demo is available and you can even try the multiplayer in it! Unfortunatelly the demo and the full version can’t play together (it’s a Steam limitation).

People whom tried mostly liked the game but we don’t have much money for advertising and therefore the user base is currently very small. It’s a two person project (I’m one half of it) and we would also love to hear your thoughts about the game.

Again: it’s not a serious simulator so please don’t expect that. It is (hopefully) a fun game which can be played by maximum of 6 person through Steam multiplayer or LAN or alone in single player mode.


I’ll give the demo a try at least!

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Gave the demo a go, fun little arcade title from what I’ve tried out.

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