Talk about head tracking! Elon Musk has a monkey playing Pong with its brain! (neurotech) :slight_smile:

This is going to be huge for people who have lost functionality in this area.

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Mixed emotions about all this, but trending towards being generally a terrible idea.

If people are interested, an article explaining the goals and the potential of it all. A bit of a long read but interesting (back from 2017):


One step closer :grin:

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That’s fine and good. But the only lasting impression I am left with is that a f’ing monkey is way better at pong than I am! Teach him IL2.


I’ll be honest, I am both amazed and terrified by that tech.

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I’m more terrified by existing tech , in particular social media , whose negative effects seem insurmountable .
Growing up a mile from a Titan missile base , with B-47s and B-57s practicing at low level , and even during the Cuban Missile Crises did not seem nearly so frightening .

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Yeah. Maybe. But that pong playing monkey is coming for me. I know it. He brainwaved his intentions to me as he smugly ate that damn banana. Charlton Heston was right all along.

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I just want a robot hand. I can wait for the jaeger. I don’t want to be neural linked with another person. They might see how much time I spend thinking about transport airplanes and Oshkosh HETT trucks.

Nah…robot hand and I’m good for now


Careful, Howard Wolowitz had a not so great experience with one of those. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:



Good point… better make it a robot LEFT hand.