Nevada Training Sandbox [WIP]

Throwing up another training sandbox that’s still WIP though mostly finished I would say. More limited in scope and specifically for BLUFOR training. There’s a smattering of NAVAIDs marked on the map as well. Anything with “OP” is a range where JTAC could potentially work. Freqs and waypoint info in the mission breifing. Spawnable tasks in F10 menu; recommend activating those around Waypoint 3. Air-to-air and CAS tasks are stackable, but can only be spawned once each.

Known issues:

  • Tankers are on the fast side so the A-10 will have to go on its own gas
  • When spawning successive air targets or CAS targets it may roll the same flag number that’s already been spawned, so you might have to go through the F10 menu a couple times to get the next target to spawn

01-Nellis Ranges.miz (69.6 KB)

The triggers are simple so adding any aircraft or changing the ToD/Wx any way you desire shouldn’t break anything.

Current aircraft:

  • F-14B (Nellis)
  • F-15E (Nellis)
  • F-16C (Nellis)
  • F/A-18C (Nellis)
  • A-10C-II (Nellis)
  • Mirage F1 (Nellis)
  • AH-64D (Tonopah FOB)
  • Mi-24P (Tonopah FOB)
  • Gazelle (Tonopah FOB)
  • UH-1 (Nellis)

Ground Targets List:

  • Cargo Containers
  • Static Technicals
  • Static M113s with JTAC available for training
  • Moving column; ROE change via F10 menu to make it spicy
  • SA-2, SA-6, and KS-19 activated at random via F10 menu
  • Four random-spawn CAS/BAI tasks via F10 menu; JTAC available at two of them

Air Targets (random spawn via F10 menu):

  • Mirage F1 x2 lightly armed
  • Mirage F1 x2 heavily armed
  • MiG-29S x2 lightly armed
  • MiG-29S x2 heavily armed

Air Assets:

  • E-2D
  • KC-135
  • KC-135MPRS

Other features:

  • Cargo at Nellis for Huey slingloading

Thanks for making this!