Never praise your car


Hey guys,
as it often happens when it rains it pours…

Me and my wife have the identical car, Toyota Yaris from 2006.
I can’t complain about mine, but since we got my wife’s used- well that’s another story.

Apparently now, despite the battery being full and working, when I turn the key the dashboard does turn on, but the engine never even try to start turning…

The ignition lock seems working fine, so I gave a look under the hood but the starter is under the engine and I can’t reach it like this in the road…

Has anyone ever met a problem like this?

PS: The title come from the realisation that anytime I had a problem with my car was exactly a few days after I told how happy I was with it to someone. :confused:

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I’ve heard from a similar problem with a friend’s car.
Back then I think the reason was a stone marten that had bitten through some cable.

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Cabling is in the back of my mind too.
I just need to get the car towed to work so I can check it…
Evaluating perspectives…


Sounds like the solenoid to engage the starter motor has gone.


Turning the key, and nothing happens?
Yeah, starter solenoid.

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I drive a 2001 Toyota Corolla and that thing has never given me any trouble. <.knocks on wood>

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LOL, you had to say it, right?
But to be fair mine neither. (There I done it this time)


Solenoids are usually quite cheap and can be had at an autoparts’ store without being raped by a dealer.


Nice! I was just trying not to get raped by someone this week…
Last week was the oven, the one earlier extra expenses at school, the one before taxes…


Try bump starting it, if it starts you can rule out a few things,


Was the first thing I tried. Didn’t work.
Second thing was a battery booster.


sorry might be a language thing here, I should have have said push start… it should start with no battery and no starter motor. if its not push starting then it could be a much bigger problem

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Nono I got it, push start was the first. :slight_smile:
After that I went booster.

Although admittedly it could have been a bit of a half assed try…

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LOL… When I lived with my parents, we lived on a pretty steep hill, and my car was a touch unreliable, well I became a master at the rolling start… I had to … you only got one shot… then you where at the bottom of the hill :grinning:


Back to the car, when you turn the ignition is there anything at all, any clicks?

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Stupid idea but I did this once with my old Camry. Are you sure its in park or neutral, you won’t get the starter otherwise.

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IIRC yes.


It’s a manual but yeah, I have to keep the clutch pressed to turn it on.
Sadly I did all correctly.


I had a similar experience one morning where the engine management computer randomly decided to remove my key ID from its database and so wouldn’t disable the immobiliser. I called the AA (the Automobile Association in the UK, not the other AA :grin:) and the mechanic who came just disconnected both terminals of the battery and connected them together for a few seconds to fully discharge everything and force a hard reset. When he reconnected them again, problem solved. Job done in less than 5 minutes.

I’m not recommending you try this, but it did serve as a good reminder that all computers sometimes need the big boot to clear out the fluff.


I don‘t know a lot about cars, but have you checked the fuse box? Or a second key.

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