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Dear Aerofly Fans,

We have published a new major beta version for Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator! It is now available on Steam. To opt into this beta please right click your Aerofly FS 4 in the Steam library and select properties, betas and select the beta from the dropdown menu.

Please note: The default key assignments to step through cameras has changed. Please revisit the control settings if you want to change them.

Aircraft Developers, please note: The parameters ‘CrashOnContact’ and ‘Blade’ in the collisionhull class are now deprecated and must be removed.

Change-Log for Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator

Beta (2023-05-05)

New Camera Positions Added

We updated the camera positions in almost all aircraft,

adding new wing views, new action cam attached to exterior of the aircraft,

unified available positions and order of cameras within the categories.

New Camera Categories

Now cockpit cameras an passenger cameras have their own camera category. That means you can now cycle through all cockpit cameras and all passenger cameras separately. We also added a favorite cameras category, which you can customize in the settings. With a single key you can then step through your favorite cameras quickly.

Going Back in Time

After a crash, or from the instant replay, you can now choose to resume the flight from that moment in the past.

When you crash you will now see a pause menu with options to go back 10s, respawn in the air or at the nearest airport.

When the simulation is paused (default ‘P’) you can rewind and replay your flight as before but you also have the option to resume the flight from that moment in the past. This way you can “undo” your landing or crash for example or you can go back and practice a certain situation several times.

Improved Instant Replay with Time Skip

The instant replay is now kept even if you go back to the main menu.

In the instant replay you can now also skip ahead to a point along your planned route (if you have a route programmed).

In the location menu you can now click on the route and the airplane will snap to the planned flight plan direction, altitude and speed.

New Missions

We’ve added missions for our helicopters, such as a VIP transport of the US president.

Missions for the Concorde we’re improved and new ones added, based on real world routes the Concorde flew.

New Airports Added

We added airports the airports EDCP, EDCG, ESMS

and fixed performance at KMTH, fixed some runway markings at EDLB and LFLJ

and fixed passenger bridges and PAPI lights at KSNA.

Performance Improvements

Cultivation buildings now use 10-20% less memory which can improve performance on devices with less than 8GB RAM.

Aircraft Specific Improvements

We mainly improved the Boeing 737 systems and 747, 777 and 787 FMS in this update.

  • Fixed In all aircraft navigation display (ND) nav-fix range rings now rendered even if fix location itself is out
  • Added GPWS glide-slope warning inhibit for many aircraft
  • Changed autopilot altitude capture range increased from 20 to 50ft in all aircraft (except in A320 and A380)
  • Added Autopilot automatic mach cross over in selected airspeed mode (except in A320)
  • Added B747, B777, B787 FMC VNAV progress page shows distance to go (DTG), estimated time arrival (ETA) and distance to top of climb (T/C) or top of descent (T/D)
  • Changed B747, B777, B787 ND now displays wind arrow relative to selected display mode up direction (HDG, TRK, North)
  • Changed B747, B777, B787 ND plan mode cosmetic changes
  • Changed B737 mass changed to a more realistic 46t and FMC values are now matching that as well
  • Changed B737 flap lift coefficient increased to allow lower and more realistic approach speeds
  • Changed B737 auto-throttle switch turns off when disengage pressed
  • Changed B737 autopilot mode control panel (MCP) lights now indicate a mode can be selected off, not the active state of the mode
  • Changed B737 autopilot changing selected altitude sets on the ALT HOLD light and arms vertical speed mode, V/S engages when vertical wheel adjusted
  • Changed B737 autopilot glide slope capture disables engagement of several other modes - cycling of flight directors necessary
  • Changed B737 autopilot go-around mode not active until TOGA buttons pushed on throttle
  • Changed B737 autopilot go-around mode only armed below 2000ft, when flaps extended or when glide slope already captured
  • Changed B737 autopilot disengage warning active until disengage button pressed again or when warning automatically muted by assistance
  • Changed B737 autopilot disengages when using yoke trim switches
  • Changed B737 APU shuts down after a 1 minute cooldown time and not right after setting the switch to off
  • Changed B737 speedbrake “do not arm light” and speedbrake armed light logic improved
  • Changed B737 rudder authority decreased at high speeds
  • Changed B737 flap load relief logic improved
  • Changed B737 autobrake can be re-engaged by selecting a new autobrake setting above 30 knots with spoilers deployed
  • Changed B737 behavior of cockpit lighting knobs corrected
  • Added B737 fasten belts auto logic
  • Fixed B737 standby power switch at off position turns standby buses off
  • Fixed B787 ND and VSD size now fits the 50% screen width better
  • Fixed LJ45 CDU navigation page wind direction corrected and speed correctly shown in knots
  • Changed autobrake remains disengaged after manual input

Notable Changes for Aircraft Developers

  • Added collisionhull parameters NoCrash - contact of the collisionhull does nothing
  • Added collisionhull parameters InstantCrash - contact immediatly stops simulation and shows options to reset aircraft
  • Removed collisionhull parameter CrashOnContact




they have added UH-60M, nice