New Blackshark Pit

Well, I know what I’m getting on payday.

No virtual pilot in VR. Is it (“he”) working in 2D?

Back in the mid 1990s they were looking at this as a replacement for the CH-46 doing VERTREP. The idea was to put a couple on each supply ship. The CH-46 dual rotors enables them to easily fly sideways and backwards which allows them to “slide” back and forth when VERTREPing. Two CH-46s working at once-one picking up while the other is dropping off-it is a sight to behold…a logistical ballet, as it were.

The K-MAX rotors would have allowed them to do the same. Back in 95 I saw them testing one at NAS Norfolk. Unfortunately they didn’t go with it and now we have HH-60s doing the job…more of a logistical square dance (sigh)

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Had fun with @Franze and @smokinhole exploring the new Ka-50 cockpit. We datalinked some stuff back and forth and Franze figured out that autostart enables the laser warning system since the switch is missing. Cockpit looks good. I was getting some weird big block shadow or blanking in the cockpit, I think related to other objects nearby (other Ka-50s)…not sure what is going on with that.


That was fun. Maybe we can do it again later with something that shoots back. Laser Warning is Left-Cntl-N if we never get the actual switch back.


Someone else reported that the switch got moved to a small area on the left hand side of the ABRIS, no idea if that’s intentional or not. I’d have thought it’d be connected to the MWS switch on the left side of the dash but that’s still inop.

Beach, what post-processing did you do for that Ka-50 video?
It’s really nice

None - I mean, it is taken directly through the lens of my Reverb and uploaded without any editing at all…

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Might I suggest, if you haven’t recently, that you consider giving Georgia Oil War another run. It holds up after all these years and looks better than ever now. DCS AI logic is awful, but slightly less so for the Ka50. Used correctly, the wingman is really useful.


Yeah…isn’t there a “recon out X miles” command you can give them…I always found that one to be particularly useful…

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Yep. And he uplinks each target to you, one after the other. And they are categorized for you as armor or AAA. You can then cycle through them and slave the shkval to your choice. The reverse of that process doesn’t work so well. When you send a target to him and ask him to attack, he drives in to about 4 nm out and dies. So it’s best to use him as a set of eyes and only let him fire at stuff when only 2nd tier badguys are left.


That all sounds about what I remember. Was there a multi-player playable campaign? I might be up for that after I get some mapping of my controls done and get back up to speed on the Shark…


When will this pit be out?

Now on OpenBeta, Stable :man_shrugging:

OpenBeta is doing great, todays patch was a nice improvement in speed over yesterdays’ which was pretty damn good too.

So there’s hope for stable. Might not be as long as it seemed last week.

I was just sharkin’ about. Spotted a nice parking lot, so I circled around in the way dogs who want a lie down and choppers who want to land do. On my second circle, the machine suddenly banked left hard and flipped over out of control.

What happened? I wasn’t going fast, nor were any of my controls anywhere near their stops. I don’t think I hit anything. There were no enemy units in the map, it was a free flight.

Did you hit your own wake turbulence? Might be overmodeled if so…but I’ve hit my own wake in real airplanes.

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Yeah you really need to post a track in order to get useful replies.

@BeachAV8R. Any mission can be converted to multiplayer with just a couple of clicks. If you are ever up for it I can try to set it up but its probably best to do it with a good server. There’s a bunch happening in GOW and I am not sure that my wifi could handle it as host.

I am unable to see the Shift-P Virtual Pilot. Is that a VR thing or are 2D players also unable to see him?