New computer/ upgrade will have to wait to late 2019 earliest

Well, after a somewhat disappointing Key note from AMD, it looks like their products aren’t really ready yet.
Plusses are, ryzen 3000 will be a killer, if you wait to mid or end 2019. It’s half sized demo already beating Intel 9900

Navi is not ready. Rumoured no earlier than mid to late 2019 and that’s if that goes to plan.
Stop gap radeon 7 released which is a competitor to RTX 2080 card. Whilst it has 16 gig of very expensive ram, it has no rtx or tensa cores which means no rtx (not that many games have it now) and no DLSS. Worst part is, it’s the same fricken price as an rtx 2080. So while the radeon 7 maybe a good card, it’s priced a bit on the poo side.

So, what’s my thoughts.

AMD have some very exciting things on the way, unfortunately not ready yet. The CPU will be killer and NAVI, who knows when?

Those of you looking to upgrade, I would hazard that you try to save your money or do a cheap interim upgrade. At least until q4 2019. There are some great things comming but not ready yet. Also if the AMD rumour mill is correct, and AMD, don’t do an Nvidia pricing structure, there will be a price war either at end of 2019 or early 2020 based on projected rumours.


I put in a monster CPU of three (four?) generations last spring when I replaced a i5 4650 with a i7 4970K and doubled the RAM to 32 slow gigs. This should tide me over until at least 2020 I think. By that time I might just build an entirely new box, leaving this one as a secondary for local multiplayer and/or officework.

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Depends a little, I think I might snag up some of the now current gen ryzen chips, they are still beasts and might save me a bit of money too! Definitely going AMD though this time round.

Hmm… Looking at the US prices, the new Radeon 7 card (Vega 20?) is expected at $699 but all of the 2080 cards I see are $750 or above. Maybe there will be a cheaper price once the 3rd party cards come on the market. I didn’t expect it to have the RTX or tensa cores (pretty sure Nvidia is not sharing that tech any time soon) but it appears to be targeted at consumers who what slightly better performance than the 2080, don’t care about the new tech and want to save $50.

@Fridge don’t forget that MSRP of a 2080 is 700. Its just that there is no competitor for it until after next month. So supply and demand has risen the prices.

@TheAlmightySnark yeah current gen AMD cpu’s are going to last a while.


Hmmm. Well then. I’m grumpy now :slight_smile: