New DCS Channel Map! is it good?

i saw a lot of threads on the p47 talking about the channel map but none going in depth about the channel map!

here is a nice review, with historical analysys and close view from the ground by my squad-mate Topsy!
hope you like it!


Its beautiful. The hills and valleys., the details… but is it a Hog? YES!! I still use it a lot


I didn’t even know it was out. I’ve been under an Air Hauler rock!

Back to my rock…

I love it. It needs some optimisation but is visually stunning and has some great details. There is litter on the pavement and lots of stuff that you go why did they go to that length for something that may possibly be never seen. Well worth the loot

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Channel map new / update bases.


I feel I have cluttered the current “Mossie” thread enough with tangential stuff. So I just want to express a little love for a map that runs dreadfully on my old system but is too beautiful to ignore. Specifically, what has surprised me pleasantly most recently was seeing this map in WINTER on the “Growling Sidewinder” WW2 server. I’m not sure if southern UK sees a lot of snow these days. But if the map is any guide, it should!

The map is pretty good. Here are a couple of pictures from last night’s raid I did on the LFDM server in a Mosquito.

Attacking the Calais Railyard

During the egress back to England… I got clipped in a few places and started leaking oil.

Reaching Dover

On final at Lympne

After checking damage… I might have been in more trouble than I thought. Left engine had an oil leak, but the right engine couldn’t produce more than +2 boost due to some damage I couldn’t see right away.


Always nice to come home after a successful raid.