New DCS lighting... oh my!

Couple things i noticed:

Reflections on the water. Didn’t see that before is it new?

The tarawa lights display on one eye only. The port side in the left eye and the starboard side in the right eye. Very strange.

Maybe… maybe this will finally make search lights light up the water as they should???
Testing now!

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No joy. 8 years now.


@Gunnyhighway, the Tarawa has been that way in VR since the boat got updated last year.

Yep, there’s a few ‘one eyed’ things like that in DCS VR. I noticed a bunch of static objects near a FARP just disappeared in the left eye as well.

Anyone tried seeing if Harrier AI taking off or landing on the Tarawa is fixed?

Spotlights in Normandy from the WWII Asset pack might be fun in the new lighting.


Here are a few shots I took in VR without the VR shaders mod. The city lighting is vastly improved.


So I wanted to say that when I load into multiplayer and I catch a couple frames of terrain before the slot select menu overlays it’s over-bright as if the sun was at the distance of the moon. I could go for gamma 0.5 based on that - but once I actually load in to a plane, it’s perfectly fine at ~2.5.

Singleplayer has no overbright issues and gamma can remain where it is.

Okay I was able to catch the super-gamma in action - I had to use OBS to do a 120FPS recording:

By the time the menu finishes loading (you can see it being drawn in that screen grab) the gamma output is normal and is something like this on my screen set to 2.5:

Not that impressed with the new lighting. Using a Rift-S VR headset and it washes out pretty bad. So I turned the Gamma down to 1.1-ish. Gave me a bit more light than before without too much wash out. Even then, there seems to bee too much of “bright sky” wash out in the direction of the sun. If their aim was to enable that tactic of attacking from the sun, they have more than succeeded. Also, when flying above the PG terrain (UAE) in just after sunrise conditions, all the street lights are way to bright.

Not really sure why this was such a “thing” for ED to do. The previous lighting conditions were satisfactory for me. Ifg anything thing I set up overcast missions because I think it looks better.

If they had asked me, which they didn’t :open_mouth:, I’d say more work on AI and less on eye candy.

Did I see in another post that one can roll back the update?


This is sounding like the VR gamma is a bug more than anything if dropping to to the minimum (1.0) and it’s still too washed out. Would explain why monitors aren’t as affected.

Yes you can. You can via command line run the DCS updater and roll back to Seems that many in the MP community have done just that in light of all the bugs with this release.

Sounds almost like they don’t really use the OpenBeta to help with the beta test… :wink:

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In the grand scheme, I don’t often either. By the time I am on and fiddling about any bugs that I encounter are usually already reported. Myself and @Franze end up acting as relays to others about what’s broke and how.

I still like to chime in when I can, even just to say “me too - I saw that” if it hasn’t already been confirmed by a dozen other users.


As a developer I can tell you that is important feedback. It tells the devs whether a bug is common or not.


Technically, Alpha testing should catch major bugs. Specifically, Alpha testing is regimented testing designed to catch bugs that occur during normal functions.

For example:

Test: Using the Functionalists Keys - Test Communications Menu → Ground Crew → Ground Power → On
Expected results:

  1. Audio - pilot: Chief, turn on the ground power.
  2. Audio - 2nd voice: Roger.; Screen message: Roger
  3. Pause (1s)
  4. Audio - 2nd voice: Ground power on.; Screen Message Ground power on
  5. Aircraft: Ground power indications on
  6. System Module: Ground Power On Flag set to TRUE

Repeat for all aircraft mods with ground power function

…or something like that.

Beta testing is to discover bugs that occur in an idiosyncratic manner.

Example: I adjust my HUD brightness and all the cockpit lights go off.

You see, that is an idiosyncrasy; it is not supposed to occur under those or any other circumstances, but it does. That is not something you might catch in Alpha testing since Alpha testing (in this case) would just focus on the HUD.

Rigorous Alpha testing is apparently not happening, but, I have been informed several times on this forum, the concept of true Alpha testing seems to have gone to the dustbin of history. Regardless, we are essentially Alpha testing and Beta testing.

I’m not upset by that…whatever they call it–“A rose by any other name…”–we are helping ED and they make cool stuff. :slightly_smiling_face:


They did catch a few, hence the “109 can’t start” and “L-39 crashes the game.” I’m guessing they didn’t want to extend a month out since the last OB so pushed the patch out anyways.

Theres a lot broke but a lot of eye candy. I love/hate it. Hope the bad gets fixed quick. But it’s a lot to fix…


I managed a short hip flight in vr at 11pm along the strip. Its looking great. I saved the track and hope to record some of it in 2d for your viewing pleasure