New early access WWII shooter

I like the look of this. Bit like RO2 Vietnam


Sort of looks a bit like Brothers In Arms with updated graphics.

Ever tried Post Scriptum?

I’ve played a decent bit of it and so far it seems to meet a nice split between too slow and too chaotic. A team that has good comms, moves tactically, and can flank, will really make progress against a mob that keeps zerging into a crossroads. I think the game could benefit with a slightly slower pace.

Tanks are both terrifying and also fragile. I’ve played some Post Scriptum but I like HLL more. I’m not sure I can put my finger on exactly why just yet, it just seems to flow better.

There’s definitely moments when you’re just suddenly dead without any way of knowing who or where. But I’ve found that cautious movement coupled with suppressing fire does a ton for survival.


I played it and then gave it back. Too much pixel peeping for me, I was hoping this is the realistic/ish shooter that is different. After two hours of sticking my nose to the screen and squinting my eyes I decided this is not the fun I‘m looking for.

Went back to WOWS where you can either see the enemy or you can not.

As a side note, it‘s 2019 and we almost have ray tracing in real time. The graphics are incredible. Puddles and mud look so real. But we still have fog that has a view distance limit in a straight line ahead of you, instead of a circle around the alter ego. So if you look at 11 or 1 o‘clock and squint real hard, you can see enemies in that french level in HLL before they see you. The wider the screen, the better this works. Then again this is only an issue for pixel peeping games to begin with.

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I hadn’t noticed it before, but now that you mentioned it I did see that effect on the Foy map. The misty-fog melts away in a rather unusual way and at a certain point targets fade in and out on the edges of your view.

On the Hurtgens Forest and St Marie Du Mont map I haven’t noticed it, but the combination of forest and hedges really breaks up the viewing distance. I’d like to see a heavy city map with limited long distance views. The gameplay seems to work better at those shorter ranges.

Just a heads up. Hell Let Loose free weekend going on right now. I’m downloading now, to give it a go.

I’ll probably be just as frustrated with this as the Rising Storm Vietnam game. A bit too realistic for me, but we’ll see.

Confirmed HLL isn’t really my thing. The weapons that I tested were pretty cool. The terrain graphics are great and immersive. The hidden enemies shooting you and you have absolutely no idea where they are. Not so fun.

Back to BF5 for me. :slight_smile:

Concur. I suppose if you can get to a position where you have good overwatch it might be fun but otherwise it’s just running into a meat grinder simulator. I somehow managed two kills, and to be fair thought I had, but didn’t know until I went to quit and checked the score screen.

Game is gorgeous but it’s just total chaos imo.

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I’ve played it a decent bit and the game is fundamentally tied in to how coordinated your squad is to the other squads. A competent commander giving decent orders to squad CO’s with mics plays entirely different than a mob constantly smashing into a meat grinder.

These days if I join and there’s no commander, no squad CO, I just find a different server. With a good command framework you see flanking maneuvers, aggressive sweeps away from the meatgrinder, and tactics being used to penalize the opponents meatgrinder mentality.

The game does still need work, but it fills a nice niche between the slow burn of a game like Tarkov and the immediate twitchiness of COD or Counterstrike.

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