New Features: Cake Day and Spoilers

As the middle of the day is a great time to bring down the forum software without notice, I updated our (tiny) forum software to include the following:

  • User profiles get a new ‘Date of Birth’ field if you want to fill it in (Go on! click on your avatar on the top right and go ‘profile / preferences’ ). It’s completely optional, doesn’t require a year, is not shown on your public profile and shows a nice cake icon on your birthday next to your name. You also get a nice surprise cake on your Mudspike join date too. So, basically, lots of cake.

  • Spoiler alerts. I didn’t realize we didn’t have these but

I guess we do now!

Just testing these out (hint: touch or click the blur, the beer isn’t wearing off), so we can give them a go to see if we like them. To use them in the editor just use this tag format:

[spoiler]If we insult more people our pageviews go up![/spoiler]

If we insult more people our pageviews go up!

As per usual, let us know if this causes issues/worries/itches etc.

Cheers! :beer:


I’m going to use this feature for good…not evil…(yeah…right)