New Game Coming Out: Task Force Admiral

Just came across this the other day so maybe others have already seen this but looks promising.


Impressive detail…
But I keep on thinking that if it was connected to CMANO it’d be even better!

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Looks amazing! Reminds me of Pacific Storm. A game that, despite its flaws, I really loved for its dynamic campaign. I hope the devs of this game consider adding that although I’d already be more than happy to tackle their scenarios

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That looks quite cool. Maybe someone else caught this, but is it an RTS, S, first person. I’m not sure I understand fully what I’m looking at.

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From what I’ve gathered its real-time strategy.


Looking good, if they make good on those promises, I have some money for them :slight_smile:

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Hello there ladies & gentlemen
(well gentlemen mostly, I s’ppose, but still we’re the considerate kind… :innocent:)

I happen to be the producer for this game. I saw quite a few views coming from Mudspike and I came across the topic. Thanks @RedBravo65 for bringing this up - it’s always better when innocent souls make all the advertisement work for you (btw you forgot to send me your Swiss bank details - PM please :kissing_heart:).

More seriously, yes, we fully intend to deliver, not the least because we’re players too. We didn’t come to WW2 carrier combat by opportunism, we happen to be passionate about the topic and we know what we want. Although, as you could read here and there, we’re perfectly aware that there is a gap between what one wants, and what one gets, especially when we’re making it ourselves. That’s why you might have to wait for a few years before we get a full 3D platform-level to strategic-level War in the Pacific: Super Admiral edition… Yet, that’s no reason not to have some fun in the meantime.

@Mudcat was pretty accurate in the assessment (apparently he does read walls of text, it wasn’t written totally in vain :hugs: ). Yes it will be First-person perspective, but it is not as awkward to describe as it was a year ago when we started. Since then, Radio Commander has come out and makes it more convenient to imagine. Technically, the command part will be using a Radio Commander perspective, but with the extra option of going 3D at anytime (as long as your realism settings allow it).

Of course it all depends on the gaming experience you are looking for, but it can pretty much scale all the way from super-grognard map-based wargaming (with the added possibility of walking out from the flag plot and check the flight deck and the horizon from the ship) to Pacific Storm/Battlestations/UA:Dreadnought/Fighting Steel level of full 3D roaming. Command, friendly FoW & C3i complexity will be adjustable too, which means that it can pretty much play the way you like, whether as an advanced wargame (or command simulation in that case) or a more simple point and click RTS. Besides, of course, real time will be pausable (and hopefully pause will be interactive, but we gotta get to the GUI part before I can make sure of this) - so no worries, it will not be a clickfest at all.

Anyway, we might have a feature on MagZ channel in a few weeks from now - if you follow him on Youtube I am pretty sure you won’t miss a thing. In the meantime, we also post regular smaller updates on our Twitter at
These are reposted on our Facebook page, with the added benefit of more context compared to Twitter of course

We will keep our devblog for bigger features. You can visit us at

Here I thought that you’d enjoy to check our latest feature - we are busy programming the ship evasion AI, the dive bombing AI & doctrine, some new FX, etc…
And of course the AA too. We’re on Mudspike aren’t we, after all :upside_down_face:

Cheers everybody, and see you soon!


Welcome to Mudspike @Amiral_Crapaud!
That’s a very nicely written introductory post right there.

Personally I’m not the thirstiest fan for Naval combat but this game looks like a winning horse, so to speak!

I’ll definitely be following the development and will spread the word!

Feel free to introduce your company and those who are helping you developing this War Game!

Keep up the great work!

PS: just for clarification I’m just a normal forum user… I do only speak for myself, of course. :slight_smile:


No you don’t. @komemiute is our generalissimo supremo maximale.


Thank you kind Sir!
It’s alright, now that Schurem has properly introduced your lineage, I will make sure to address you and your underlings each time in a proper fashion :grimacing:

My fierce team of talented artists have their bio posted over there

Since then offers to help have poured in and we have a great community of experts assisting us together with a strong core (not unlike Burden of Command). In the end we have what we need and what it takes, it’s up to us not to disappoint you!


This looks amazing! I don’t wanna get too hyped about it yet since it’s still probably a long way off but just from this early stuff, it’s kind of hard not to be

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Well, at least they aren’t all wearing matching polo shirts. :open_mouth:

This effort and others like it that have (tried to) mix some type of real world command & control (C2) functionality with 3D “real” views of the action have always interested me.

Coming at it from 29 years in the USN where 99.9% of my experience was using the C2 systems, I tend to focus on that part. (The 0.01% was the few times I went up on deck to actually put eyeballs on a contact…twice were Balzam AGIs, and once was a Croatian Shersen PT) So getting the C2 part “right” is important to me. Harpoon got it right: Harpoon II did not.

I am excited about a WWII era C2. About the only one that I liked was the map for Silent Hunter III… which brings up another issue, time.

While one can play a naval strategy in real time-as I arguably have during my career :open_mouth:-most of the time things are pretty boring. I’d be curious to learn how one can “fast forward” through the boring parts without missing the action or, worse, without stumbling into previously enemy forces. The later is often a “cheat” issue. I recall a FPS where I could check to see if I were about to be ambushed by trying to save the game. If it came back with a “Cannot save while enemies are present” I knew I was about to get attacked. :grimacing:

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Bienvenue dans notre tanière, l’ami! The project looks very ambitious and certainly piqued my curiosity.

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This project has piqued my interest too. :sunglasses:


@Amiral_Crapaud. Welcome to MudSpike.

I don’t like to read too much, but exceptions are made when i see things I’m interested in :smiley: Look forward to following development, here and at the very least on twitter.


Hello there everybody :slight_smile:
Thank you for the kind words and the warm welcome, Mudspikers!

Aye, the command & intelligence dynamics are really the core of the added value we wish to bring to the table. In terms of development, I think that we’re going for a full-fledge development of all the features. Switching them on/off will allow the player to taylor-make his/her gaming experience along the lines of what he/she expects the game to be. The price for this will be a higher/lesser realism score (like some sims used to do) giving you a multiplier for your final score (so that our fellow and beloved players might compare their E-johnson using comparable standards). Nobody gets hurt, and everybody gets to play the game the way he/she likes it.

Besides, it’s real time but with a twist - yes, you can accelerate time if need be, obviously the pre-battle lull can be long if you’re going for a scenario that spans several days. Although having an interactive pause or not is expected to be a realism setting, I am not crazy - accelerated time will be accessible to all levels of difficulty.

Anyway, boys, we haven’t been slacking these days. Here’s some TBD porn for those who fancy themselves as being part of the torpedo gang.

These gentlemen riding TBDs in their Midway-era blue pants are actually able to fully autonomously do the following:

  • take off ;
  • orbit & form up as a squadron ;
  • form up with other squadrons types within a common package ;
  • assume different formations depending on the nature of their navigation leg (echelon, vic, line astern, attack formation, etc…) ;
  • pick a target as a unit ;
  • split for a pincer attack ;
  • drop a torpedo within launch parameters (and right now they run flawlessly - until we make them flawed, of course)
  • regroup and head home ;
  • enter the landing pattern and land aboard one by one.

Enjoy these few screens. It looks much better in motion, but for this you will have to wait for the Magz video that will be published sometime soon (still gotta send him the videos!)
o7 everyone!


The chaps worked hard enough, I suppose they can have the privilege of coming back aboard safely - something their actual counterparts didn’t enjoy much, especially with this Midway-era camo :unamused:





Very nice artwork! Congratulation on the development!


And there they go, them cute, angry, buzzing SBDs & TBDs, loaded and looking for some good old trouble!

Here’s a sneak peek at our late-November update, that will feature all the progress achieved over the last few weeks. Enjoy!

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