New game: War on the Sea from the Cold Waters team

Did you guys see this? the new game from Killerfish Games! very exciting :slight_smile:


Yeah I got the news in Steam through my Cold Waters . Inspired me to fire up Cold Waters for a bit too. Very much looking forward to this new Killer Fish offering.

Might be time to butter up some Devs and try to snake my way into any closed BETA they do. :rofl:

@JunkYardDog keep us in the loop. Yeah recently fired up Cold Waters again and it is so good! Inspired to buy the book Blind Man’s Bluff which I’m devouring before bedtime

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Yeah , and such a good tribute to the MicroProse classic game Tom Clancy’s “Red Storm Rising” . One of my all time favorite games.

I will let you know when the time comes, and also let you know, if you might be interested, if I can worm myself and / or anyone else amongst us into a beta test :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers !

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So far they been really quiet on this game. I suspect they are deep in the code work and such though. Hopefully we hear more soon on some Beta work and potential release date.

I guess this is the same game?

Looks very interesting!


No, Sea Power is from the lead developer of Cold Waters, who has founded a new company. This is from the “old” company.


Two successors to Cold Waters? Ok, why not.


Oh! Didn’t know they split.
In that case: What @sobek said! :slight_smile:


Microprose return to game creation is a welcome thing for sure , I look forward to both these teams Titles , and Microprose is celebrating its rebirth by launching 3 games very close together , the one @Troll posted Sea Power , Second Front , and Task Force Admiral .

Its going to be a very rare and very welcome 6-18 Month Period coming up for a War Gamer (Grognard) .

A well above average amount of games to be released in that period, and covering more than Euro Theater WWII .

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So many amazing looking games, so little time :frowning:

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