New gaming monitor


That would be your punishment for being stupid enough to buy a 24" 4K monitor. :slight_smile:

I’d need my reading glasses to look at it from that close.


Very few games have native ultrawide resolutions, so be careful.


I have just ordered Samsung 49-Inch Curved Monitor. It has 32:9 aspect ratio and 3840×1080 resolution. It s refresh rate is 144Hz so will enjoy playing games and working on it.


Thread revival.

also looking to pick up a new monitor 1440p
Aside from fast response and high refresh rate, what else should I be looking for? I don’t have a clue on what the different types of screens are and what not


I tried using a 32" 1080p HDTV for a monitor after my 27" monitor gave up on me. Even being three feet away gave me a headache. I cannot imagine being closer. I bought another 27" monitor and I know my field of view is more than 3 feet from it.


For me size of panel is also important parameter :

biger = beter


If I was looking for a monitor today, I’d read about G-Sync, Freesync and the recent news of NVidia cards now working with most Freesync monitors. In short, get a Freesync monitor.


NVIDIA cards need a Freesync display with DisplayPort currently - there are some HDMI only ones out there.


Why ?? there are Many Monitor with g-sync and with Freesync. The unfortunate this the G-syns are a little pricier


I am using a Predator 35" from from Acer it has a good sync rate of 200 which if very fast. and look great