New gaming monitor

Hi guys,

I am planning to spend some cash on a new monitor for my gaming PC.

I have an i7700 and ASUS GeForce 1070 which should provide enough oomph.

I spend most of the time on that rig with gaming, so I don’t really need any office or photo editing features.
Games that I play frequently are

  • DCS,
  • IL-2 Greatest Battles series,
  • Assetto Corsa and
  • World of Tanks .

My current screen is a cheap 27" BenQ which is over 8 years old.

So here are my current questions:

  • Is g-sync something to aim for?
  • What’s the best panel tech at the moment? IPS? Is OLED a thing for gaming?
  • Do you have any manufacturers that you can recommend or wouldn’t recommend?

I was thinking about somthing like ASUS ROG PG279Q.

I didn’t really follow trends on the market for a long time. Maybe someone already did some research on that topic and likes to share. Big thank you in advance.

P.S.: Yes, I do have a Rift, but sometimes I prefer to just relax in front of a monitor. So please let’s keep this thread in 2D :wink:


Before I got into VR, I had a 34” Curved Ultra Wide 21:9 3440x1440 screen, and it rocked!

The field of view felt very natural for flightsimming. Curved screens may seem a bit gimmicky, but at that aspect ratio, and as close as we simmers usually sit, it really works.

The screen isn’t optimal for TrackIR usage though. I couldn’t get a good angle to the sensor. I ended up putting the TiR sensor behind me, and turning the LED clip around. That worked so well I wonder why it isn’t the preferred orientation for everybody :slight_smile:


You guys keep teasing me with new monitors! Must. Resist!


IMO, we’re lucky enough to live in an age of 4K now so I find the Ultrawide 21:9 format a bit gimmicky. Why not go Ultrawide AND Ultratall?! :smiley:

I also had a 34" 21:9 Ultrawide monitor but I found it a bit too small. I’ve since sold it after I bought my 60" 4K and I doubt I’ll ever own another main monitor less than 55" again.

Big +1 to Troll’s comment about mounting the TrackIR sensor behind your head BTW.

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Imagine if we could get that 60incher of yours, curved both horizontally and vertically…! Like putting your head inside a bowl. :wink:

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Tell me! I have old but still very well working 40" HDTV. I would like to change it for something newer more gentle to my eyes but also dont know what it should be. And also dont know what to do with the old one then.

I was looking at something like standard 5ms 32" 2560x1440 monitor… or 43" 4kTV

For me would be the size of the pixel very important I guess.

Take a look at ViewSonic’s monitors. I’m running one of their IPS displays, and the color blows away my old 27" ASUS.

I’ve got one of these, and say that it’s the absolutely perfect gaming monitor, except for one instance. That is doing jet BFM with your lift vector on the bandit, and you are looking out the top of the canopy. This is near the limits of TrackIR sensor zone, and I find myself wishing for a taller monitor. Also, at 3440x1440, the F-5E is pretty tiny at 1 mile, and pretty much invisible out past a couple of miles. I’ve compensated by moving closer to the monitor and carefully adjusting my TIR sensor, but I’m thinking that perhaps it’s not the perfect monitor for jet air combat. Funny, I don’t notice it as much in BoX, perhaps because the fights are more compact.

I think you should go retro and find one of those old CRT tv sets that heats a whole room and make your hair stand on end from flying electrons. You just need to push your desk another 3 feet from the wall


I think mine is fited with good old tube lights. So yes, after evening siming the room is perfectly heated :slight_smile: …but no cool efects of flying electrons

Or like this…


Looking at a 60” monitor from 3 feet away only covers about a 90 degree horizontal field of view so no curves necessary really … I find small curved monitors a bit gimmicky as well.

I COULD imagine sitting in the middle of a hemisphere though … kinda like a 10 foot in diameter igloo (in Canadian terms). :grin: That would be awesome!

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That gave me an idea!
Imagine framless screens, designed like the ice blocks of an igloo, and stackable…! :scream:

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I’m looking forward to seeing how you’ll manage to fold a whole cupola sim like that into a bench seat :grin:

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Hm… Yeah. I’ll have to get back to ya on that… :thinking:

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Great article Rhino and that’s exactly my point … the higher the resolution, the closer you should sit!

I’m pretty much nailing it at 3 – 4 feet away with my 60” 4K …


No need to worry about your hair standing on end or flying electrons! :grin:

My concern is how bad that is for the eyes. I can’t stand being that close to big screens.

How far is your monitor from your eyes right now? I used to have my 34" monitor 2 feet from my face! It’s not like I have bad eyesight either … with my contact lenses in I can see better than 20/20 … like 20/15 or something. At least my eye muscles are getting more exercise now as I’m looking around more.

This is a 4K monitor we’re talking about here … not a stupid CRT. Your concerns are unfounded.

I’m about three feet from a 24" monitor. Anything closer is just annoying. Which according to that chart is fine since I’m at 1080p. I couldn’t imagine being 1.5ft from the monitor lol.