New gaming rig... Ordered!

My trusty 4.5 year old ASUS G73 has done me well during several deployments. However, it’s inability to run sims full out or even the newer modules, has forced me to go shopping. So after much research, I’ve purchased a new ASUS G751JL with the i7 2.6Ghz, 16 Gb DDR3 RAM, NVidia 965M 2Gb video and a 1 Tb HD.

I think this will be just the ticket for some great simming/gaming for a few years. (P3D, DCS)



If you haven’t done so, I would add SSD to that setup.

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I’ll 2nd the recommendation on the SSD.

Wow, I just realized my rig is turning 3 this year! time to start looking for an upgrade myself…

It was already assembled, so no chance on the SSD. As I type, it’s enroute via FedEx’s Memphis facility. It actually came from a company in my home town of Fremont, California. I hope it’s here by Thursday.


SSD is not a standard in todays rigs? :wink: I can not imagine computer without it. I have SSD at work, at home… its love affair :slight_smile:

I thin STORM is getting a laptop so it’s not standard yet. Thankfully mine came with two HD slots so I installed SSD as primary and secondary acts as storage. I recommend, if able, to do same.

Yes, it’s a laptop. I stopped having a desktop years ago when I couldn’t take it on deployments. :wink:

So ASUS’ rigs have become my norm.



It has arrived. FedEx delivered it to me this afternoon over lunch.

Cant wait to start the migration.

BTW, it’s Win8.1 When I register it under my name, will MS offer the free upgrade to Win10? My brother is an IT guy in Nashville, so I’ve previewed it already. It’s nice and works like 7, with less intrusion than 8, from what I saw.


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Laptop instead of desktop is great decision, I think I will do the same when I will buy a new rig.
Your 4years old Asus G73 seems to have better parameters then my actual desktop :smile: so I will consider something like that :wink:

I’ve always been skeptical of laptops being able to provide similar performance as desktops. Would love to hear your experiences.

Obviously as tech advanced, I couldn’t upgrade as quickly without major surgery to a laptop.

But I was able to run what I wanted (FSX, DCS, TW:SF2 series) at high settings (locked at 30fps easily in FSX). Smooth play without cooling issues. I guess I could have tried OC’ing it, but didnt want to risk an overheat. The ability to take my games on the road with me was a huge bonus as it would fill the downtime.

But after 4 years, software/modules demanded more power than the G73 could provide.

And I’m now looking for a port module that will allow me to use a 24" monitor at home and create a pseudo hub with full keyboard and mouse. I still get the mobility as needed, but the ability to use it like a desktop. Win-win


@EinsteinEP I know what you mean but have a look here

Yeah, you can have always better desktop for the same money but its a desktop, and desktops dont have legs :wink: