New GoPro's including a drone

New GoPro camera’s announced, (4k, voice control, cloud storage… etc etc…) along with a GoPro Drone called Karma. Love GoPro, even thou always been a little too expensive, but how I got most of my cool K9, Driving, Diving and Boat footage. (Plus I invested in the stock and made a pretty good chunk of money from it.) :wink:

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Had time to watch the launch video today as well as Casey Neistat’s Karma review. FWIW, I’ve owned 3 DJI Phantoms (v1, v2, v3 Pro), built a DJI F550, a QAV550, and various other camera ships. Likes: price point, small footprint, stabilization technology in the gimbal (mountain bike video is amazing), gimbal handle (grip), integrated display in the controller. Dislikes: nothing until an aerial pro does a thorough review. Would like to know what radio frequencies are used (probably 5.8. and 2.4 judging by the lack of antennas), if there are any proximity sensors, durability, cost of a second battery, how fast it charges, etc. But from a first look it is designed really well, especially for $800.

In the follow-me shot on Casey’s Boosted Board, it looked like it was having trouble keeping up or updating his position quickly enough. Of course the software will most likely improve. so it’s probably to much to expect the functionality to be flawless. Pretty impressive first effort from GoPro.

The cameras look great. Will grab the 5 Session soon.

So, as much as I like the new GoPro Karma, a few days later DJI crushed it with the Mavic Pro. The main differences being size and proximity sensors. Of course you do get the gimbal handle with the Karma, but DJI has been making drones, gimbal handles, and cinema quality cameras for a while now. I’ll give the GoPro a thumbs up for an outstanding first effort though.