New install DCS open Beta 1.5 x Question

Hi guys,

Little confused here. New SSD installed and doing a fresh install of DCS.

Starting with Open beta 1.5x downloaded the downloader from website (it said open beta 1.5) When going through the install wizard it says its going to install open beta.

But now the download is running, it says its copying OPEN ALPHA files from my F drive open alpha install. Is this normal ?

Well I am guessing that is normal as I cancelled the download and went to install the stable release v1.5 and it did the same.

So back to downloading the open beta 1.5x and I will let it run and see what happens.

yeah its normal. It’s taking whatever files you already have from other versions so it won’t have to download them again for you.

yep all went well when I was away. Thanks.

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I did as you did Bogus, I then wished I had followed the advice of the guys. I got Skatezilla’s utility. Its all coming up roses now. No need for 3 installs.

@Maico Skatezillas tool is great indeed. I didn’t go for 3 installs Maico. I upgraded to a new SSD drive on my computer for dcs and put a fresh new install on it.

So i only have open alpha and open beta.

New Hardware… Congratulations!

I asked this in the VIggen thread, but no takers. 1) What’s the process for not having three installs using @SkateZilla’s Updater utility?

I tried setting the folder paths to both use the same folder, then selecting in the version in the drop down box at upper right, but Update just says that it is the correct version, no matter the version. The only way to force the migrate of my Stable 1.5.5 install to 1.5.6 was to run the command line in the \DCS World\Bin\ folder. But then I had to run Repair in order to fly the Viggen. But the C101 is not launching, and I’m concerned about being able to switch back to Stable.

  1. Anyone flying the C101 in 1.5.6? Maybe I need to build a mission. Whenever I run one of the canned C101 missions, the sim halts at the first loading screen.


I think you replied to skates other thread. Yes the tool can swap you to open beta and back again to stable anytime you want.

Thanks @Bogusheadbox. Now I’m wondering if most folks running the Open Beta revert back to Stable once they more or less merge, or do they usually sick to Open Beta?

Personally i stick with open beta. Once stable gets the patch, open beta and stable are exactly the same and multiplayer compatible

So with open beta you get the new toys as soon as they are released, then gain all the stable multiplayer capability when stable gets patched usually a few weeks later.


I’m setting up a 3rd install of DCS, production 1.5.x, and so far the sim runs fine in all three locations. The situation now is that 1.5.7 and 1.5.8 appear to be using the same folder in \Saved Games. Is there a way to point the 1.5.8 install to a different folder in \Saved Games? I looked for a Registry key but no joy. It’s a minor inconvenience in that I’d like to give them separate launcher themes, whose setting seem to reside in this folder. WAG though. -cheers

It should use three separate config directories, e.g.

  • Saved Games/DCS
  • Saved Games/DCS.openbeta
  • Saved Games/DCS.openalpha

You can’t really point it at the same set as often the settings and controller bindings change, i.e. 1.5 release will not like changes to the 1.5.8 open beta, and the 2.1 open alpha might not like the 1.5.8 set-up etc. You can generally try copying controller configs, but you do have to look out for things missing and with any problems it’s best to start back at a non-copied version.

If you remove any of the above directories then the sim will recreate a fresh copy of defaults.