New iPhone 15 Pro Max photos are insane

Not sure if I mentioned it here, spent Christmas with my wife’s family in Aschaffenburg Germany, where I was stationed 40+ years ago in the Army, met and married my wife of 33 years, Sylvia.

Anyway, got a new iPhone finally before the trip, went from my old 10 to a 15 Pro Max… and the camera on this thing is insane.

Unedited, except for some cropping, pictures from the A-burg castle and surrounding area.

. cool.


This is with the new 15x zoom, this is about 2 KM away, I think.

And this is without activating the 48MB mode, these are 24 MB’s.


Not bad for a phone!


The editor also straightens beautifully.

(This isn’t a ‘fixed it for ya’. Some people prefer the angles on buildings. It gives perspective and sense of size. Making corrections like this without totally distorting other elements is not easy. That this little machine in our hands can do it instantly, plus so much more, is miraculous.)

Unrelated. My daughter just taught me this: Say “Hey Siri, Lumose”. Now say “Nox!” (Sp?)

Congratulations on the long marriage!


That first photo makes me think, “Shusssshhhh! Be vewy vewy quiet, ve are wabbit hunting. It’s wabbit season.”


Nice shots @Magnum50.

I have the same phone and the camera really is excellent.


There are three marine recon snipers in this picture, can you find them?


I think it really has got to the stage where, except for very specific things, if I had one of these phones I’d stop carrying a “real” camera around.

I was talking with my wife last night about these new phone cameras, and we think maybe these are the best and most compact cameras we’ll ever see, because the future is probably AI hallucinating an image out of a crappy capture from a much cheaper camera array …

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To me that photo seems like a Black Sabbath Album cover of yester-year. lol