New MoBo. Now Must Boot From BIOS Every Time

I think this main board is fubar and needs to go back whence it came.

with things like these one realize the beauty of buying ‘plug n play’ PCs.

I know I am not helping right now, but its something to consider for the future :slight_smile:

Windows 10 Mainstream Support is over, it will also get no more updates.

Boot to Bios, Change time out time so you have time to press Fx to change boot source,
Then change HDD Interface types to PCIe/AHCI (Most Mainboards default to SATA).

Then Change Boot Order,

but if the old O/S was using Secure boot, you’d have to wipe drive and re-install fresh as it’s looking for an encryption key that isnt there.

Thanks for your help everyone. Awesome stuff! That’s why I love the ‘spike. The problem was the ASUS board. Their customer support said as much. I returned it to MicroCenter and got a Gigabyte Aorus Elite. It worked right out of the box. Love to all. Smokin’ out!

(Oh. ASUS is fine, I am sure. But according to the staff at the store, their “Prime” line is merde. Given my experience, I’d say so.)