New movie from the guys who did Speed and Angels



Sweet!!! thanks for the headsup

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I see “Snort” Snodgrass in there…I was a CNAL when he was FITWING 1 actual…talked with him one night at the Oceana O’Club…cool guy.

He flew a supersonic flyby for a Dependents Day cruise for Stennnis - since CNAL “owned” the East Coast carriers I went out on it and took my then fiancé (now Mrs Hangar200).

So we are all out on the flight deck at the port-side catwalks. He comes down the port side of the ship at maybe ¼ Nm off and at flight deck level…if not lower…it seemed lower. BoomBOOM! Very cool.

For the film buffs, he also flew the lead F-14 in the movie, Executive Decision (which was tragically ignored at the Oscars). That carrier in the film was also the Stennis.

10 Mudspike points if you can name (without Googling) the connection between that film and the current POTUS. (Don’t worry, its really not a political thing.)

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Many thanks for that link!

He also did that famous ”knife edge” past the USS America. Epic photo.
My good friend, John ”Spoons” Sponauer, from the early SimHQ days, did a Q&A with Snort.


Did Chunx ever RIO in the F-14?

Yeah, I think so…? Can’t remember exactly, but I think he transitioned from RIO in the Tomcat to WSO in the Superbug…?

Yeah…he was definitely in the Super Hornet…just wasn’t sure if he was also in the Tomcat.

The time is up and the panel is stumped. :slightly_smiling_face:

The Answer: Marla Maples played Flight Attendant "Nancy"in the1996 film Executive Decision. She is probably better known as the second wife of Donald Trump and was in fact married to him during her appearance in the film.

…ehhh…I started working on a First Lady “Nancy” joke…somehow bring in Nancy Reagan as the First, First Lady “Nancy” …but…yeah, its a reach, not all that funny and I’ve got other things to do…so…I’ll just post this link and be done with it.

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Not a derailment…

Who among us Mudspikians once worked with Patty Wagstaff’s sister?

Is it true that Snort used to date Patty Wagstaff? (Aways back, that was the rumor going around the Oceana O’Club…that had met on the airshow circuit…he flies a MiG…)